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i want to move.

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cheesesarnie · 22/03/2008 13:24

i want to move away from this damp cold house we rent in this dump of a place.but am getting nowhere!does anyone else feel stuck?

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Flight · 22/03/2008 13:28

I want to move too but have put so much work and money into this place that I feel a bit daft to start over.

Want to be nearer shops and things, further from parents (!)

We have a falling down conservatory that is dangerous, no kitchen units or flooring (not afforded that yet!) no bathroom flooring but at least the landlord doesn't hassle us!

Sorry you feel stuck

cheesesarnie · 22/03/2008 13:43

blimey- i feel like i shouldnt moan as you have much more reasons for wanting to move.atleast our house isnt actually falling down,just about too

OP posts:
Flight · 22/03/2008 13:46

Oh I don't know! Ours isn't damp - well, apart from the conservatory that is!

Is it the area that's getting you down more?

cheesesarnie · 22/03/2008 13:48

the area too-its the people,bitchy,gossipy,small village mentality,crap school,no jobs,nothing really around here.

sorry just moaning

OP posts:
Flight · 22/03/2008 14:09

Oh that's what MN is for

I can sympathise. It sounds horrid!

lalalonglegs · 22/03/2008 16:04

Doesn't renting give you more mobility? Why can't you just move? (I'm not being impatient with you, genuinely interested.)

Flight · 22/03/2008 16:44

Well Lala you'd think!

It's a case of finding a property that will accept Housing assistance - even if you have a guarantor, and pay reliably by standing order, there is hardly anywhere that will accept.

Secondly, we have been here nearly four years, during which time we've done a lot to it - we had to, as it was a wreck and was the only place we could find.

Things like putting up a lot of fencing round the garden, (and paying for some of it), buying a new carpet as the old one was vile and filthy, decorating, fixing doors, finding and installing a sink unit in the kitchen, buying lots of cupboards because there were no units, fitting a cat flap in a glass window (expensive!), planting a lot of stuff, paying for a cloakroom sink, light fittings, and buying appliances of our own as there were none in working order when we came here.

Finding somewhere that will accept us as tenants, sorting out benefit, changing address with every company we deal with, taking down the swing/shed/playhouse, dismantling furniture such as wardrobes and bunks to get them down the stairs, finding a grand for a deposit and also making sure we are near enough to school, have a parking space, etc etc is all quite hard work!

I suppose some people rent furnished so they don't have enormous amounts of stuff to pack up. That must be lovely!

lalalonglegs · 22/03/2008 16:50

Blimey, I wish I had tenants who upgraded the property for me. I hope you had an inventory done and can return the house to a shell if you do move .

I do understand that finding a landlord who will accept tenants on housing benefit is hard but don't LAs run schemes where they will lend you a deposit to enable you to move (I had a friend who was able to move in that way)?

Flight · 22/03/2008 16:57

Ooh I didn't know that - I will ring them and ask on Monday! Thankyou for the tip off!

Btw if you are local I would be glad to be your tenant!

hippipotami · 22/03/2008 17:05

Have you decided agains that other house Flight?

Flight · 22/03/2008 17:18

Oh Hippi. I'm not sure. I'm mulling it over as we speak.

The drug thing has me worried, also the house being right on the street, without any 'back' rooms, every room has a window each side iyswim. It feels kind of vulnerable! Otherwise it is perfect.

Perhaps I am just anxious.

It would have to be much better than where we are to make up for the upheaval and the potential trouble with attempted break ins etc.

Just not sure...I am dithering

Nobody else is seeing it this side of Easter, he said - so we have a day or two.

cheesesarnie · 23/03/2008 20:24

id like to just move and yes it would be much easier than if we just moved but its money.we pay £500 for 3 beds and huge garden,in the years weve been here everyone elses rent has risen and thanks to out kind landlady ours hasnt.shes now moved abroad and house is in care of estate agents for rent so im sure are rent may soon shoot wed be lucky to get a one bed flat for £500 and we dont even like area that much it all comes down to money.

OP posts:
Flight · 24/03/2008 09:09

Ours is like that too cheesesarnie.

Nothing round here for what we currently pay - have to look at paying more for something smaller. They seem to be coming down a bit though which is a good sign. I hope you find something soon x

cheesesarnie · 24/03/2008 20:56

thanks and you!

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 24/03/2008 20:58

yes, cheese.

only we don't just feel stuck, we are for the time being.

cheesesarnie · 24/03/2008 21:20

(i take it you arre flight?!)

OP posts:
cheesesarnie · 24/03/2008 21:20

are i mean

OP posts:
me23 · 24/03/2008 21:29

I would love to move, I'm in a one bed council flat at the moment, I sleep in the living room and dd has the bedroom. It's so cramped and there is no intergral storage cupboards so no space to store anything. I'm on the waiting list for a 2 bedroom but that will take years to happen if at all

Flight · 25/03/2008 07:26

No no no no Expat is not me, Cheesy.

I am me. Expat is, well, someone completely different!!!!!

(But she's very nice)

cheesesarnie · 25/03/2008 09:21

ok sorry!you are you and expat is expat.ive decided that maybe i have winter blues.the advantage of having cold damp house is that in summer its quite cool especially as we have big garden-we can spend summer out there.just cant venture into town(laughingly called a town,more village size)because of holiday makers!so i'll stop moaning for now-im very lucky compared to some others!

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