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Second Home/Holiday Home questions??

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Lauriefairycake · 16/03/2008 17:27

Is it possible to buy a holiday home (one which is designated 11 months use) and live in it for the eleven months and just move out for a month??

The only way we could afford this is if we bought a very cheap flat/house for 20 grand somewhere elsewhere and have that designated as our primary residence. That way both of these places would only come to our maximum budget of £170,000.

Is that even possible?

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 16/03/2008 19:49

Sorry, am being thick - why do you need to buy a house for 20 grand as well?

Holiday homes that have designation for 11 months a year are usually set on holiday park/sites so it is probably worth asking whoever runs sites if this is a possibility. I know of one where they just close the site down for January when people are least likely to be visiting but, I think, in that case the homes are genuinely used as holiday homes not primary residences.

Would think getting both for £170k is, ummm, optimistic.

Lauriefairycake · 16/03/2008 22:17

There's some lovely lakeside flats/small houses in the cotswolds which are holiday homes - we would love to live in that area but are very priced out so a holiday home to live for eleven months is our only hope. You have to have a primary residence to be able to buy a holiday home, hence thinking about buying the cheapest worst flat in the universe for as cheap as possible.

Does that make sense now?

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 17/03/2008 09:46

Oh, right, I see. Actually, it is a place in the Cotswolds that I was thinking of (Lower Mill Estate). There may be problems associated with your idea though - for example, if you have kids of school age, will they be accepted by local schools if they are not supposed to be living at that address permanently? Before you do anything, you want to see the lease on the holiday home and get someone very knowledgeable to go through it - it seems a bit of a gamble to me. I know that the local authority in Cotswolds granted permission to these sorts of holiday parks to try to encourage weekenders away from established villages that were becoming ghost towns during week - not sure they would be particularly sympathetic to someone using them the other way round iyswim.

You could buy a place in Hull for under £30,000 but it will be crappy and probably prone to flooding and pretty disgusting in every way, I imagine. (Have a look on

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