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Landlady/faulty boler possible eviction due to planning permission.

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VictorianSqualor · 03/03/2008 17:47

Basically we moved into our house in August, it's lovely but has been refurbed quite cheaply and still has a calor tank in the garden for the gas.

Anyway xmas it ran out, we got it refilled and were told it shouldnt have ran out for another 150days (ish), we had also had to call the landlady a few times as the boiler kept f**ing up and turning off.

Last month we were expecting to get our tenancy renewed as we had been told when we took the house we would get a longterm tenancy after the first six months.

Landlady has now decided she wants a rolling month-to-month tenancy, we are pretty sure this is because she wants to build on land adjacent to our property but was refused planning permission and is appealing.

From what we gather if she doesn't get it, she may sell up and we'll be stuffed.

Last week we get the bill for the refill of the tank, £487, for august to december, and now we've checked the tank it's close to empty again.

Spoken to calor they have checked the tank and the pipes, it's not them so must be the boiler using too much gas.

I don't knwo that I dare tell her the boiler needs something doing with it though incase it makes her end the tenancy.

Is there a way I can find out the outcome of the planning permission appeal without mentioning it to her?

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pedilia · 03/03/2008 17:51

If you search your local councils websire it will have the appeal and the outcome listed in the planning department.

VictorianSqualor · 03/03/2008 17:54

Wonderful, I'm hoping she gets the permissiona dn then we can mention it to her.
Bloody annoying having to tiptoe around landlords though.

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VictorianSqualor · 03/03/2008 22:03

Found it, now I just have to hope she doesn't think getting the boiler fixed is too much hassle when I bring it up

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