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Help with ground floor plans

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SFRSmum · 28/05/2023 10:21


We have an ex shop we bought 2 years ago and are trying to make the ground floor layout work better

The only wall we can't remove or put a door through is the thick wall between the kitchen area and the playroom.

Issues with the current layout

Front door straight into the living space
No downstairs loo
Stairs possibly in the wrong place? Making that whole area a wasted space.

The room that is currently a bedroom doesn't have to be, i was thinking of turning it into a utlity with loo and shower or putting double doors in further along the wall and making it into a sitting area but I worry that even more space by the stairs will be empty and wasted

We do also have a upstairs living room but we will probably turn into a bedroom.

We are thinking about putting a porch on the front.

Out the back, there are currently massive sheds, which are coming down (unsafe, no view. So a small extention is possible although it has a split level garden with the garden being at the height of the 1st floor.

Can anybody see anything different we could do that we haven't considered?

Help with ground floor plans
OP posts:
WhatWouldTheDoctorDo · 28/05/2023 12:52

Have you thought about asking an architect to do some drawings for you? Ours came up with varying ideas that we hadn't even contemplated (and was good at understanding local council/building regs about things we could and couldn't do).

I'd be tempted to look at making your playroom the living room, and look at options to create a hallway and decide how that front space could be divided up, to add a utility/loo and create a kitchen diner. Then that back bedroom could be the playroom?

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