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Can anyone recommend a decent brand for garden furniture

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Justrememberedihaveagarden · 27/05/2023 17:28

We're looking for a garden sofa, preferably an all weather one. Don't know where to start! Have tried JL, M and S and ikea so far. Thanks

OP posts:
Vitriolinsanity · 27/05/2023 17:44

Alice's Garden or Dunelm

Riverlee · 27/05/2023 17:51

We have Kettler, purchased from local garden centre.

Justrememberedihaveagarden · 27/05/2023 17:55

Thanks! I'll start with those lot!

OP posts:
MaisyMary77 · 27/05/2023 18:02

Royal Craft garden furniture. We’ve had our set 15 years and it’s still going strong.

Roselilly36 · 27/05/2023 18:52

I would recommend Lifestyle garden furniture, very good quality, brought our set at a garden centre.

anythingbutlillies · 27/05/2023 18:53

We had ours from The Cotswold Company. Def not 'all weathers' but it's lovely and makes me smile seeing it on my patio!

Shouldhavebutdidnt · 27/05/2023 18:53

Alexander Rose is usually pretty good although pricey - look for sales!

VintageThoughts · 27/05/2023 18:57

I've got Hartman, table and four chairs and a little bistro set. Both great quality and very comfortable.

LibertyLily · 27/05/2023 20:12

We have a Gloster table and four chairs plus a FeatureDeco corner sofa.

The Gloster was quite expensive but at eight years old - and never covered - still looks like new.

The FeatureDeco is less than a year old and is in a roofed area of the garden, but looking good too.

Both very good quality.

Porridgeislife · 27/05/2023 20:14

Maze Rattan is great. Had ours for six years and still in great condition.

LawksaMercyMissus · 27/05/2023 20:27

I have Alice's Garden, really pleased with it. Best of all, it was ready assembled.

Sanct · 27/05/2023 20:28


Slushynana · 27/05/2023 21:53

I have a Hartman aluminium set, corner seating table and 2 stools, very pleased with it. Takes a bit of assembling but really good quality

Cantthinkofaname2203 · 27/05/2023 21:56

Anyone have modular furniture? I have specific measurements and have found quite a few I like from the above brands but would only work if I could for example ditch a sofa and get an extra corner chair instead to shorten one side…

Furries · 28/05/2023 05:34

What is your budget? And do you really mean “all weather”?

Most rattan-effect sets can be left out all year, but you do need to store the cushions whenever the weather is shit - which is obviously a lot in the UK.

christmastreefarm · 28/05/2023 06:41

I have just bought a 4 seasons set from my local Dobbies garden centre. They also stock them in John Lewis although not the set I got.

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