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Upstairs Laundry Room

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Whirlwindinacup · 27/05/2023 09:28

Hi everyone, I have posted before about a difficult layout upstairs in our house. The main thing is that we have a huge bathroom which feels like a waste of space (15ft x 10ft) so had an idea to split the room into a bathroom and laundry room as I dry washing inside with a dehumidifier in the winter but it's everywhere by the time it goes to the kitchen to be washed, the living room overnight to dry, my bedroom to be collected and put away and the ironing gets stored in the bathroom cupboard until my Husband irons it on a Sunday. It's messy so I'd like one space. We'd have the room to split the bathroom but with a couple of slight issues. Sound if we put the washing machine there as its attached to next doors bedroom (we can do washing earlier in the day if we have room to dry it and could soundproof but not sure how effective this is).
Also, because the room is long, with the entrance at one end and no way to change this, we would have to have the bathroom at the front and utility at the back with the window so walking throigh bathroom to get to the laundry room. Is this a problem? We could apply to have an obscured window in the bathroom part but obviously wouldn't know for a while if that's OK so would assume not for now.

Sorry for the long post but what are everyone's thoughts on this? We always have future saleability in mind although we have just bought, we don't want to ruin anything for the future.

Thank you!

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OhLordyWhatNow · 27/05/2023 10:02

My preference would be the opposite layout as I'm not keen on gloomy internal bathrooms without a functional window.

Could you build a deep utility cupboard within the bathroom and use shock/ vibration absorbing foam matting under your washing machine?

I'd stack washing machine and dryer. Have additional space for storing ironing board and cleaning products, sink for soaking, rinsing, hand washing.
Over head airer (depending on ceiling height), efficient humidity controlled extraction, a place for folding, and a rack with baskets labelled with each persons name. So when laundry is done everyone collects their full basket, transfers to their storage in their bedroom, returns basket to rack.

Whirlwindinacup · 27/05/2023 10:06

I think my main concern is drying washing in a bathroom with the smells and condensation from the shower so having it partitioned is important. I suppose we don't need a window for the utility room if we have a dehumidifier though so swapping it round could work. Thank you, that's really helpful.

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BaileySurfer · 27/05/2023 10:47

I think it sounds like an excellent idea. Make the partition with a decent percentage of (frosted?) glass so you don't block out all the natural light from whatever you have at the front.

Also a top tip from my recent revamp of my small utility room is put up a rail (we used a curtain pole) as high as you can reach, or with a step stool nearby, for drying tops on hangers. Such a good use of space, depending on ceiling height you should be able to stand a free-standing airer underneath.

filka · 27/05/2023 11:39

We mostly live abroad and it's very unusual for a bathroom to have a window, though they all have ventilation fans. When you say "bathroom" do you actually need/use a bath, or is a shower cubicle enough? More space for the laundry room then...

Most of your dirty washing is generated upstairs - taking dirty clothes off, changing beds etc., and stored clean upstairs too. So it seems much more logical to wash it there too. We air-dry all our washing, including when we are in the UK. No dehumidifiers or tumble dryers. But where would you do the ironing? That should stay upstairs too, even if it's on the landing.

Many washing machines have timers so you can easily set to not disturb neighbours, I wouldn't worry about sound-proofing.

I can't see why it would devalue the house, I think the idea would be accepted as soon as someone actually thought about it.

Amicompletelyinsane · 27/05/2023 11:44

I was abroad recently and the bathroom had what looked like a big wardrobe across one part of it. The doors folded back to reveal a sink, washer and dryer. So no need for a separate room. Would that work

Whirlwindinacup · 27/05/2023 13:12

Thank you all for your ideas and you've helped to simplify it, I tend to overthink it all. Some really good tips. Thanks again

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Madamecastafiore · 27/05/2023 14:21

Get a condenser tumble dryer, the water goes down the same outlet as your washer. No damp at all or condensation.

I'd worry about the noise and next door though. I'd be curious if someone put a washer next to our bedroom.

Whirlwindinacup · 27/05/2023 17:20

We do have a condenser but try to hang up as much washing as possible. That's my main concern about the noise, if we couldn't sound proof it, we wouldn't do it. We only do washing during the day but it will still be annoying regardless.

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