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Insurance for rented garage

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Blackcat50 · 27/05/2023 06:37


I’ve recently rented a garage which is some miles away from my property. I’ve been trying to find an insurance company to cover this but have had no luck. Anyone had any luck in a similar situation? The garage is being used as a storage space not for a car.


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needasleep · 27/05/2023 07:01

Speak with your home contents insurer depending on the policy they may provide cover for items temporarily away from the home

C4tastrophe · 27/05/2023 07:05

I put some stuff in storage like this, it was ruined with mould after a very short time.

Blackcat50 · 27/05/2023 09:45

Thankfully it is just shed and garage bits as we’re converting our garage. Collectively it’s just worth more than I can afford to replace.

I will check with my house insurance. Thank you!

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