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Creamegg18 · 26/05/2023 21:04

Does anyone know how one can you tell from front of property which side of the boundary/fence belongs to you? It’s not set out in my lease. I built a wall on top of the original foundation of my Victorian path so I assumed by doing so, the wall is mine seeing its on top of my path? I live in a row of terraced Victorian houses. Thanks

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mondaytosunday · 26/05/2023 21:11

The land registry often has little Ts that mark which wall is yours on the plans. But if you built a wall within your boundary then it's yours.

Creamegg18 · 26/05/2023 21:23

So here’s a photo from front of property view, does that I mean I am responsible for the left hand side of the boundary ?

OP posts:
mondaytosunday · 26/05/2023 23:10

That doesn't look like land registry details. Where is that from? But yes the 'T's would
indicate what you are responsible for.

Creamegg18 · 26/05/2023 23:22

Thank you. Picture is a snippet from my lease so my neighbour to my left cannot put anything on my wall since it’s my wall from looking at the ‘T’ symbol?

OP posts:
GladysHeeler · 27/05/2023 11:35

If you have built a wall on what was your path, on your land, then it's your wall.

Seeline · 27/05/2023 11:37

You keep referring to a lease rather than your deeds - do you own the property or rent it?

Where is the wall concerned actually located on the plan?

Creamegg18 · 27/05/2023 12:40

I owe part of the property as part of share of freehold so I assume lease/deeds were the same. There was no wall before, a worn fence so I built wall on top of my original foundation path but looking at the ‘t’ marking, I think I owe and am responsible for the left hand side boundary? I just want clarity of the ‘t’ boundary.

OP posts:
starlingsintheslipstream · 27/05/2023 12:49

You need to read the full lease to determine the land demised - normally it's the land edged red which would suggest you don't have an interest in the land edged and hatched blue. Look in the lease for the definition of the property - it looks like you only have the ground floor entrance and bin store (?) at the front unless your lease states otherwise.

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