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Conveyancer removed from lenders panel

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violetpixie · 26/05/2023 16:48

So I'm a little bit confused on what's going on, today I had a call from Skipton saying my solicitors are no longer on their panel and they need to fill out some forms.

Can they just remove them? Am I going to need a new solicitor? They were definitely on the panel when I instructed them.

OP posts:
KievLoverTwo · 26/05/2023 20:53

I think they must have done something bad to get removed from a lender's lender panel.

Have you paid them any money yet?

If not, find a new conveyencer.

SigrunGard · 26/05/2023 22:04

Firms can be removed from lender panels just for not having a case with that lender for 6 months. If the solicitors have been given a form by Skipton, that sounds like a panel application form. Skipton’s is one of the more straightforward applications and if it relates to a pending case ( like yours) lenders usually deal with it in a matter of days.

I hope it gets straightened out for you quickly

Lonecatwithkitten · 27/05/2023 06:33

I had this not on panel for co-op/Britannia, the solicitor had an arrangement with another firm for this instance. It all worked out okay.

qualitychat · 04/06/2023 20:59

Sounds like they just need to fill in forms. There are lots of reasons why a solicitor can be removed from a panel. It should all be resolved fairly quickly.

Alison1500 · 18/08/2023 11:02

To say a firm must have done something wrong is completely wrong in most cases - Lenders now deal with a "middle man" where Conveyancers/Solicitors have the privilage of paying to download and print off the mortgage offer !! This middleman now seem to be setting the lending criteria - My firm has been on the Skipton panel since 2006 - Called Skipton yesterday who confirmed my firm is still on the panel and yet LMS have decided we are not. The panel criteria now is a minimum of 2 partners and to this now reduces the choice of firms a buyer can use. I was not told of this until a client was told and called me...... so did nothing wrong....... seems that there just isn't enough of me so be on the panel. Maybe the way forward now so that only the big firms survive ?

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