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Tongue and Groove in bathroom. Do you love it? Any regrets?

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WooTheWho · 26/05/2023 11:10

I've been toying with putting tongue and groove in my bathroom for ages. In the winter it is so cold, and I feel like it'll feel just that little bit cosier (I'd tile the wet areas). However, our bathroom is very small, and I'm a little worried about water damage. Has anyone done anything similar and are you happy with the results? What kind of paint did you use and have you had any issues? I've contacted the manufacturers, and they've assured me that it shouldn't be a problem to use in a bathroom, but I'd love to advice of MNers that actually live with it day to day. TIA!

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DiDonk · 26/05/2023 11:14

Had it in a previous house on an external wall bathroom. No problems at all only slightly difficult to paint nicely. As long as you've no damp I expect it will be fine.

The tiled floor used to get very wet - three kids in big bath - but the walls were fine.

WooTheWho · 26/05/2023 16:32

Phew, that's reassuring @DiDonk - thanks so much!

OP posts:
wetpebbles · 26/05/2023 16:39

Horrible to paint

Hedjwitch · 26/05/2023 16:42

It was in our small bathroom when we moved in. Its still here,just painted white now. Easy to paint and no issues with it.

Beebumble2 · 26/05/2023 20:10

We put it in a bathroom to cover disgusting tiles, it was lovely and gave a want feeling. We painted it in a lime wash effect. Historically it was used in Scottish bathrooms, not as cold as tiles or plaster.

Beebumble2 · 26/05/2023 20:11

Just to add, we sealed the reverse side with varnish first to stop any warping.

KievLoverTwo · 26/05/2023 20:29

We have it in our rental. I think it is timeless and lovely. The daddy detail at the top (and bottom, not shown), dirt trap and absolute bugger to clean.

Tongue and Groove in bathroom. Do you love it? Any regrets?
Tongue and Groove in bathroom. Do you love it? Any regrets?
KievLoverTwo · 26/05/2023 20:30

Faffy detail

Stupid autocarrot

vejazzlement · 26/05/2023 20:33

I have t&g in a bathroom - the house is 250 years old and it has been there a long time so goodness knows what's behind it. It was painted yellow when I moved in 10 yrs ago, so I repainted it in a tasteful F&B neutral. I haven't given it a minute's thought, other than being pleased by how nice it looks.

Hiyawotcha · 26/05/2023 20:38

Love it. Had it about 8 years. Large bathroom so doesn’t get wet or damp. Is painted in fired earth ultramarine ashes and looks good as new. Occasionally go round with an old toothbrush and clean the skirting etc.

vejazzlement · 26/05/2023 20:53

@Hiyawotcha You have reminded me that an electric toothbrush is a very good bathroom cleaner (using a discarded head, obviously).

iamnottoofatiamjusttooshort · 26/05/2023 20:59

I really like it

Whyohwhyohwhy123 · 26/05/2023 21:17

I love it in bathrooms and it keeps really well. Just have to tile the shower area. Rest is fine in tongue and groove. I used proper wood not the mdf version.
I will put it in current bathroom when it’s replaced as it tanked in travatine tiles and looks like an ancient prison cell.

vejazzlement · 26/05/2023 21:20

MDF version? What is this? <clutches pearls>

vejazzlement · 26/05/2023 21:22

I always think it's a bit odd to tile a whole bathroom. It makes sense to have tiles in 'wet' areas (though I don't have tiles anywhere near my bath, as it would look weird with a freestanding bath) - but I have always thought that bathrooms are rooms just like any others. So, like any other rooms, they need soft furnishings and nice colours and vases of flowers and to be somewhere that you actually enjoy spending your time.

Whyohwhyohwhy123 · 26/05/2023 21:33

no one lingers in my bathroom! And the tiles are really difficult to clean.
MDF tongue and groove comes in panels and is routed out to resemble tongue and groove look. I would go for actual wood and the thicker grade is more expensive but much better. I lime waxed mine.

vejazzlement · 26/05/2023 22:00

That's interesting about MDF. I didn't know you could buy such things, but now I do! I'd always go for wood if possible.

Everyone lingers in my bathroom. I may have made it too un-bathroom like with armchairs (though I like lingering there, too). I don't see anyone volunteering to clean the shower tiles, though.

Furries · 27/05/2023 02:48

300 year old cottage. Tongue and groove on one wall in main bathroom. And, in the shower room, it’s on three walls from floor to halfway up.

I’ve used ASP (all surface primer) and then Tom’s Oil paint from Little Greene Paint Co. So easy to wipe clean, I love having no grout to contend with. Plus, very easy to update the look if you fancy a change of colour a few years down the line.

(Shower walls have aqua panels, no tongue and groove in there).

MayBlossom23 · 27/05/2023 09:01

I have it in some areas. Painted white (was orange pine when I moved here). The only thing I would say it marks with splashes of water and soap and it's not as easy as tiles to keep clean.

KievLoverTwo · 27/05/2023 09:16

vejazzlement · 26/05/2023 21:20

MDF version? What is this? <clutches pearls>

Our rental has MDF skirtings, LL regretted that after a leak, it now looks dreadful.

MFG tongue and groove seems like a terrible idea.

WooTheWho · 27/05/2023 09:45

Thank you all so much, it sounds like overwhelmingly those of you with it like it and don’t regret it. @KievLoverTwo your bathroom looks lovely- it’s very inspiring!
@Furries your shower room sounds exactly like what I was thinking of doing. I’m reassured that you like it and that it’s easy to keep clean. I agree with you, grout lines are the work of the devil!
That’s good to know about the splash marks @MayBlossom23- I wonder whether certain types of paint would be better for this than others?
My goodness, I agree with you @vejazzlement, bar the ceiling every inch of our current bathroom is tiled and I HATE it! I’ve been wanting to replace it from the minute we moved in. It’s freezing in the winter and reminds me of an operating theatre. I’m desperate for a room you actually want to linger in!

OP posts:
2kids2catsnolife · 27/05/2023 11:52

We have actually got this but about to replace with tiles when we get the bathroom done. I am not madly keen on it but think it might be original maybe, so feel slightly like we should keep it!

continentallentil · 27/05/2023 11:54

It’s a cheap way to smarten up a bathroom. It’s mildly more hassle to paint and clean but nothing major. I quite like it for a trad look.

Furries · 27/05/2023 12:22

KievLoverTwo · 26/05/2023 20:29

We have it in our rental. I think it is timeless and lovely. The daddy detail at the top (and bottom, not shown), dirt trap and absolute bugger to clean.

This is pretty much what it looks like in my shower room, but without the faffy detail at the top. Instead, it’s topped with a small shelf all the way round - so have space for candles, ornaments etc.

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