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Interior wood paint Help!

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TheresALight · 24/05/2023 15:57

I have painted over my dark stained stairs so that the spindles and the skirting along the stairs are now white but am having trouble with chips already!

The wood was previously stained very dark, after researching online I bought Zinsser BIN Primer and Sealer and applied 3 coats as recommended om the instructions.

I then added 3 coats of Ronseal interior wood paint in brilliant white. Waited for every coat to dry in accordance with the instructions om each can.

Im about one month on, I've just hoovered up the stairs and have about 6 lots of 1cm chips where the paibt has knocked right off showing right down to the dark wood underneath.

What have I done wrong!?

OP posts:
StillEatingRipeBananas · 24/05/2023 16:17

@TheresALight Hmmm, so it is chipping back down to the original wood? That would be an adhesion problem which would be very rare with Zinsser BIN. Did you clean everything down first? Zinsser BIN is considered to be the absolute best primer. I have used it on so many projects over the years and never had an issue.

I think if you cleaned everything down properly first I would actually contact Zinsser and ask their advice.

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Whataretalkingabout · 24/05/2023 16:33

You probably didn't sand/ rough up the original finish enough so there is an adherence problem. . And/or didn't clean/ remove greasy marks with a solvent based cleaner.

Now you can start over! Preparation is 90% of a paint job. 2 coats of primer and decor paint should be plenty. Don't overthin the paint.

Daftasabroom · 24/05/2023 16:47

How did you prep the old surface?

TheresALight · 24/05/2023 18:45

Thanks for all the replies. We cleaned everything before starting but didn't sand.

I actually bought the BIN primer specifically to avoid having to do any sanding as that's exactly what it says on the tin.

OP posts:
Daftasabroom · 24/05/2023 19:02

What did you clean with?

Somanysocks · 24/05/2023 19:32

I think you should always sand before painting, even though it's a dusty pain. I don't believe paints that don't reckon on sanding.

Malbab · 24/05/2023 20:13

You should have sanded before primer

TheresALight · 24/05/2023 20:54

Ah, doesn't sound like there's an easy solution other than repainting the whole thing? How do you recommend going about that? Would I need to completely sand back to the original wood stain?

Or is it worth trying a paint sealant, if there is any?

We originally did a wash with Fairy and water, they skirting boards weren't too dirty and are away from the kitchen.

OP posts:
NellyBarney · 24/05/2023 22:31

It usually says to rinse all soap off with water and to let thoroghly dry. Maybe there was a soap film left or the wood was still too moist. But painting stairs/floors never really lasts, though, it always chips quickly. If you want a more durable finish I'd sand it all off (use a heatgun for stubborn bits) and use a wood stain. You can get white stains, too. I love Osmo. If you don't want to remove all the paint and start over/use a stain, you could embrace a shabby chic look. Sand off some more bits and make it look artfully intentionally 😊. Or get them carpeted?

Whataretalkingabout · 27/05/2023 17:21

Hello @TheresALight , to be honest, for the best results and durability and to avoid spending even more money on a solution that will be mediocre at best, I would get out the power sander and sand back to a clean mat surface.
Then prime and coat with paint of choice (2 coats each).
It's a learning experience and once it is done you will be so pleased with the results ! The wasted time and effort of your first try will be quickly forgotten but you will know better for the next time. To get a professional finish you have to prep just as much as they do.

Please let us know how it works out for you!

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