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Moving on Tuesday Aaaargh!

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stickybun · 14/02/2008 23:54

Exchanged this week due to move to rented house on Tuesday packers coming Monday. Moving from Manchester to Chippenham - what would you do re. pre-packing? Leave it all for the blokes to do or do yet more chucking out and pre-packing. House looks a tip but we've done a lot of pre-moving stuff already. Am appalled by how much stuff we've got but don't plan to live in rented accomodation for more than 6-18 months so don't want to be too extreme. Is it worth putting stuff in storage (how much?) or should we be really ruthless now? Does anyone have a aplan of attack I'm really panicking! HELP!

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LIZS · 15/02/2008 08:15

Have a sort out again, no point in losing time packing up stuff you won't use the other end and put into storage. I did pack some personal items .

RubyRioja · 15/02/2008 08:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stickybun · 18/02/2008 00:34

Thanks for help- have done as much as we can now. Packing for holiday is fab idea as hubby is off for week but want us to have some fun before kids have to start school etc.. This way we should manage some fun trips out and can do the rest when we're all back in the regular grind of things!

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