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yentil · 14/02/2008 19:21

we are buying a house that has a small extension to the kicthen (1930's end of terrace)

no building regs or planning permission was obtained (we thik) since did not show in searches.

current owner been there for 26 years and she says that it was extended when she moved there. what should i do? slicitor is saying i should get more proof that it is sound but its been up for over 20 years. i want to make sure i do all i need so that easy to resell in future.
had a homebuyers survey which was fine.

OP posts:
LIZS · 14/02/2008 19:28

Is he reocmmending an indemity policy in case Planning or Buildings Regs are enforced retrospectively or the vendor could request a Certificate of Lawfulness (probably too old to need it). If you ask the council adn there is aproblem you can't then get an Indemity btw.

You could ask a surveyor to look at it on the structural side - might cost a few hundred though . Homebuyer's Report won't have looked in any detail just assessed whether the property met the mortgage valuation and for obvious defects.

yentil · 14/02/2008 19:31

would this affect resale? i am only worried about his really. i guess if it has been standing for so long then its fine?

OP posts:
noddyholder · 14/02/2008 19:32

After 4 yrs planning and building regs can't be enforcesd.You could get teh vendor to buy an indemnity policy which insures against the council taking action but is useless wrt the state of the works iygwim.If a surveyor says it is sound and you have an indemnity (about £150) that is as good as you get

Whizzz · 14/02/2008 19:42

We had a similar thing when I sold my previous house (extension was built before I baught it) - I (as the seller) had to take out an insurance policy before the buyers solicitor would agree.

yentil · 14/02/2008 20:05

thanks for that advice.

the vendor has paid for an indemnity. do you think i should get a structural survey or is this a bit OTT. just want to make sure i have covered all bases.

OP posts:
LIZS · 14/02/2008 21:44

Worth paying the extra to have that bit looked at , wouldn't need to be a full strcutural survey, just ask about it specifically

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