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Advice re Building Control and possible house purchase

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bathsh3ba · 29/03/2023 13:19

We're negotiating on a house we want to buy. Our last offer was rejected but we've been told the house is ours if we pay an extra £5k.

We're still debating if it's worth it but something I'm worried about is the loft conversion. It was done in 2000. I've checked Building Control on the local council website and it said it was 'conditionally approved'. Is this a red flag, should it have been unconditionally approved?

I'm nervous about fire risk as we previously rented a house where there was a fire in a loft conversion and my daughter would be sleeping in this room.

Advice from anyone with more Building Control knowledge than me would be much appreciated!

OP posts:

Snapdragonsoup · 29/03/2023 14:21

Can they not tell you what it means if you contact building control? It may be a standard thing they put in the records. Also, planning permission is often granted with conditions (which are a standard list of requirements). Might it be that (planning approval) you are looking at rather than building control approval?


Mildura · 29/03/2023 14:25

I think it varies by local authority, but not all of them put up info relating to building regs - could it be planning permission you're looking at?


Nw22 · 29/03/2023 14:29

If it’s that long ago I wouldn’t be concerned

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