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How to find percentage of property ownership?

2 replies

Grets77 · 28/03/2023 21:00

I own my house which my ex's name is on. We signed something when we bought it to state that I owned 99% and he owned 1%
I can't find the emails exchanged from the conveyincing solicitor 6 years ago 🙈
Would land registry show percentages of ownership?
Appreciate any help

OP posts:

PrincessofWellies · 28/03/2023 21:04

They may. You can download the details from the LR site for £3. Make sure it's the official site with as part of the address.


PrincessofWellies · 28/03/2023 21:05

Solicitors keep copies of files for 7 years so they should still have details.

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