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Neighbour running extension plug to a communal hallway!

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Okigen · 28/03/2023 17:53

Last week I noticed the tenant in the next door flat has been running an extension plug from her flat to a plug in the communal hallway (which I have to pay for via service charge). When confronted about it she apologised and said she would remove. Today I saw it coming back again, this time just discreetly hidden under the carpet!

I had a go at her about it, which she said is due to her plug not working and the managing agent said it was free (although not sure how much I can believe this story now 🙄).

Have anyone run into a similar situation? I'm hesitant to report this to the management company because I'll have to disclose it when selling, although I may do it if I ever see this plug the third time!

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Isanyholeagoal · 28/03/2023 17:58

We had this in our previous flat only they caused a fire because they ran all electrics for the flat off one extention lead from the communal hallway. Their glad was like a spiders web of leads. Report it asap before it causes more issues than an increased communal bill


ThePoetsWife · 28/03/2023 18:00

You could change the socket cover to a blank one so that no
One can use it. Then change back when you move out.


SoCunningYouCanStickATailOnItAndCallItAFox · 28/03/2023 18:01

Can you unplug it and cut the plug off. 😬


Rollercoaster1920 · 28/03/2023 18:01

Report to the management company.


Irridescantshimmmer · 28/03/2023 18:08

The nutter in the flat below mine did that, until he got his head chewed by another tennant who absalutely HIT THE ROOF like a rottweiller on washing up liquid.

Ironically, no one else in this building has stolen electricity since the cost of living crisis, and thats a miracle and a half if there ever was one.


Okigen · 28/03/2023 18:43

Thank you everyone. I forgot to clarify that she unplugged it now and promised not to do it again. I'm taking photos and if I ever see it again I'll have to bite the bullet and report it to the management company I think 😬

@Isanyholeagoal that's a good point about the fire hazard. I've never thought about it!

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