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Legal docs for split of the house...

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MissLucyLiu · 28/03/2023 14:07

Hi everyone.. what is the legal doc I need to sign to state the split ownership of the house not 50/50?

So both of our name on the title deed and we got a joint mortgage. I understand that legally we are both liable for the cost of the mortgage etc.

But there's another doc we can sign between us whereby we both agree to split the house to 60 /40 for example since I am paying 60% the mortgage and 60% of the deposit.

What is this document called?

OP posts:

dancingmice · 28/03/2023 14:14

Do you mean a Deed of Trust?


MissLucyLiu · 28/03/2023 14:20

dancingmice · 28/03/2023 14:14

Do you mean a Deed of Trust?

Yes genius ! Thank you so much

OP posts:

EyesOnThePies · 29/03/2023 09:45

You need to have bought as Tenants In Common and sign a Deed of Trust / Covenant.

Get a solicitor to do it.

Think carefully: do you want it expressed as a %?

Do you want your deposit ringfenced? Ringfenced as a % of the overall value?

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