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Investing in Birmingham area

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MarcoPoloCX · 28/03/2023 13:40

Looking to invest in the Birmingham area. Somewhere quite close to the centre.
Looking to rent out the property to professionals.
Budget ~ 330k

Undecided about whether to get a flat in the town centre or a terraced house in Harborne.

OP posts:

Mark19735 · 28/03/2023 20:43

The only investment that will pay back over the coming cycle is if you fill an industrial unit with capital equipment, plant, and machinery and make something useful that people want to buy. Create some jobs. Contribute to the local economy. Help build a better community.

Or just outbid some local residents, slap a coat of paint over a cheap house and whack up the rent, innit? Being a slumlord is so much easier than actually generating wealth. Ooh - except that you'll probably lose money in the short term. Letting out residential property that you've bought while prices are at historic highs when interest rates are on an upward trajectory is lunacy of the highest order. On second thoughts ... maybe don't start a business.

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