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Help with my rubbish taps

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JimandPam · 28/03/2023 09:45

Anyone with plumbing knowledge able to help??

We have two taps in our bathroom over the sink that are 'built in' (huge mistake!!)

They have been leaking water gently and now turn without catching and actually getting the water to turn on and off. You have to press them in hard to actually get water to come on and off

I assume the threads have gone??

I'd love to not have to call out a plumber and replace them myself and sort out. What are the chances I can do this myself? 😬 😬

Help with my rubbish taps
OP posts:

Surplus2requirements · 28/03/2023 21:28

To tighten the handle so it doesnt spin there'll be a hidden Allen key grub screw either under a little push in cover opposite the handle or the handle will unscrew and it'll be in the hole.

Where is the leaking from? If you need to remove the handle and cover....

Unscrew handle (probably)
Loosen grub screw
Pull off knob (ooer)
Outer chrome ring will pull off (possibly unscrew), may be stuck to the wall with silicone
Now you should be able to see where its leaking

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