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Oil, gas and septic tanks

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srv · 11/02/2008 15:37

We are thinking about buying a house that has oil central heating, gas canisters for the stove and a septic tank. Can anyone tell me about about the pros and cons of each of these.

How much oil will we use in the course of a year? How much does it cost? How often will we have to replace the gas canisters? Hos ofetn will we have to have the septic tank emptied and how much will it cost?

Many thanks


OP posts:
nannyL · 11/02/2008 16:39

i used to work in a (very nice) house that

have NO idea baout costs, etc, i was the nanny

BUT it did occasionaly drive me mad... ie when we ran completely out of oil in the 1 week it snowed and had no heating

i would be cooking on the hob, preparing dinner etc and suddenly the gas would stop as we would run out of gas... and it would be a mad rush to see if what i was boiling was microwavable... (pasta is not )

and the septic tank.... if ANYTHING at all that wasnt bodily waste or small bits of loo paper went down the loo it would block.

and my poor db would have to put on rubber gloves and unblcok it himself

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