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Where should we install a downstairs toilet? (floor plans included)

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Downstairstoilet · 21/02/2023 22:19

We are in desperate need of a downstairs toilet but don’t have a huge budget so an extension won’t be possible. Our first thought was under the stairs but it doesn’t meet the height requirements.
Second thought was to take up part of the garage space (see picture two) but our long term plan is to knock through from the kitchen to utility/laundry room to create a larger kitchen/diner with bifold doors. So we’d already need to take the back section of the garage for that. Installing a toilet in front of this would mean the garage would no longer fit a car. This is our forever home and we have a driveway plus two spaces in front of our house so we never use the garage to store our car but I worry about devaluing the house long term.
Any other opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Where should we install a downstairs toilet? (floor plans included)
Where should we install a downstairs toilet? (floor plans included)
OP posts:
Downstairstoilet · 29/03/2023 22:04

@MaraScottie But we need storage space so we need to retain some of it. By adding the lootility as per todays floorplan update we’ve already lost the ability to fit a car in what’s left of it.

OP posts:
Downstairstoilet · 29/03/2023 22:13

@GarageGalore that doesn’t offend me at all, I appreciate your advice. My problem is we live on a road with all totally different properties. Our adjoining neighbour is the only other 1950s semi on the street but they have a utility/toilet extension of the back of their double garage. Conservatory on the other side and I assume kitchen diner in front of those. We can’t afford an extension and wouldn’t want to lose anymore garden as it’s not massive. Who would I get an experienced view on this from? Serious question. We’ve already had quotes from a plumber, kitchen fitter and handy man. Then we had an architect and builder round for a different view.

OP posts:
GarageGalore · 29/03/2023 22:31

@Downstairstoilet ah now that is a good question. When i watch programs like 'your home made perfect' or 'building the dream' they are architects or architectural designers and they consider flow and light and thermal stuff.

CellophaneFlower · 30/03/2023 06:33

Yes it's fairly typical on that age of house that the bigger rooms are south facing and smaller ones north facing.

Is it? Where I live there are many ages of houses. They're generally practically identical in each street, so obviously the ones on the opposite side will have the opposite orientation but the rooms remain in the same place.

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