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House under 2 hours drive to London and less than 300k suggestions...

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runningpram · 23/01/2023 13:13

I'm not sure whether such a place exist!
Some older family members are keen to move closer to us from up North. Unfortunately house price differences make this quite tricky - although I'm not sure they quite realise how much prices have gone up by.
Does anyone have any thoughts on a good place - obviously the SE is going to be very difficult so need to look further afield? They don't drive and would struggle with home repairs - so period properties on the edge of a town without a good bus service is a no go. They are also unlikely to consider flats.
It would also be great if there were things for them to do, like cafes, nice walks and pubs, a reasonably safe vibe and some community spirit.
I've thought of Newark but have never visited, just heard good things but suitable places all seem to be on the edge of town and not sure what public transport is like. I've also thought about Norwich but nice affordable homes seem to be on the edge of town, so perhaps it might be difficult to get around. Grantham seems a possibility but I think they might find it a bit dull without a car but happy to stand corrected
I'm happy to go up to 2.5 hours drive to widen the choice if necessary

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YouveGotToGrooveIt · 28/03/2023 20:46


Easy drive (A1 all the way) and good train links into North London. Nice market town ith enough going on without being too much.

YouveGotToGrooveIt · 28/03/2023 20:47

Grantham is dull if you don't drive (I think)

ladygindiva · 28/03/2023 20:57

A family member lives in portslade and loves it, sometimes properties come up under or around the 300k mark .

drpet49 · 28/03/2023 21:02

LookingOldTheseDays · 28/03/2023 13:13

Their best bet might actually be staying up north, close to their existing network of friends and activities, but moving closer to a train line that has a quick connection to London.

Moving is expensive, so by saving that money they will free up cash for train fares.


OverHereTryingToFigureItOut · 29/03/2023 06:05

Dontslipontheice · 23/01/2023 13:51

Sawston (Cambridgeshire)
Royston (Herts)
Saffron Walden (Essex)
Ely (Cambridgeshire)
St Ives (Cambridgeshire)
Any of those suit?

Lovely places listed here.

Twizbe · 29/03/2023 06:10

St ives in Cambridgeshire. Lovely market town with lots going on. Easy drive to London. We do it in just over 2 hours usually (SE London)

I know you said not flats, but there is a lovely development of flats on the far side of the river, a short walk into the town centre. Very popular with retirees

MaverickSnoopy · 29/03/2023 06:31

Bicester. It's 50 mins on the train into Marylebone and under 2 hour drive. Close to Oxford as well.

runningpram · 29/03/2023 23:45

thank you for all these latest responses - very thought provoking reading.. Yes staying put is probably more likely but good to see the options

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