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condenser boiler, anyone have one? where is it in your house?

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Linnet · 27/01/2008 00:27

At the moment we have a gas central heating system with a back boiler which is behind the fireplace in our living room. the water tanks are a cupboard in the kitchen.
The whole system is about 23 years old.

If we were to get a new boiler, which I'm sure now has to be a condenser boiler, does it have to be placed next to an outside wall?

Only reason I ask is that I thought that it would be put in the cupboard where the tanks are just now but someone told me that she thought, although wasn't certain, it would have to go next to an outside wall which is on the opposite side of the kitchen from where this cupboard is just now.

Anyone know if this outside wall situation is true.

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 27/01/2008 11:37

we have a condensor, it is on an outside wall as it needs an air exhaust vent

Catkin08 · 27/01/2008 11:43

We replaced our boiler last year and because a condenser boiler has to go next to an outside wall we had ours put in the loft so the vent could go straight out of the roof. It saved a fair bit of space too!

hippipotami · 27/01/2008 14:37

Yes, it definately needs to vent to outside, hence against an outside wall.

We are having ours moved to the loft as soon as the boiler needs replacing (currenlty 20 odd years old)

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