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About to put our house up for sale...anyone else? Part Two!

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InTheCludgie · 13/09/2022 14:58

Hi everyone here is the new thread for those of us who are about to, or are currently trying to, sell our homes!

So we are now back on the market and have a viewing tomorrow morning, plus one for early next week. This week is a bit tricky as it's DS's birthday so have had to say no to a couple of suggested times for viewings.

How is everyone else getting on?

OP posts:
ecochiroptera · 13/09/2022 15:38

Thanks for making the new thread and thank you to everyone who replied to me on the last one. I am feeling a little better this week and more certain about our decision to sell and move. We have a viewing tomorrow but no more booked despite the reduction and I don't see much going SSTC on RM in the area either. The market here has definitely slowed down. Patience is definitely needed now and that's definitely not something I'm good at.

@InTheCludgie Sorry to hear they dropped out so quickly. But good that you've got more viewings booked!

LionessesRules · 13/09/2022 16:40

Thank you Cludgie
May this be the thread we all end up with the right number of houses in the right place.

We are loving the new house. Just need the old one to keep progressing. To be fair, we've got further with this set of buyers than any of the others.....

Doubleraspberry · 13/09/2022 16:51

Thanks for the new thread, and congratulations, Volterra!

We are negotiating with our buyers on a reduction after survey. We can’t afford to drop much and they can’t afford not to buy our house as their mortgage capacity has dropped and there’s no way they’ll find a house as nice as ours in the area for less - it’s the cheapest of its kind in the whole area. I think we’ll hit on a figure though, and then hopefully we can push on to exchange quickly now.

manateeandcake · 13/09/2022 17:26

Congratulations Volterra!

Commiserations @InTheCludgie but it sounds like you have a good amount of interest so hopefully you will have a new buyer v soon.

Not much going on here. We declined the v low offer from the pushy couple yesterday. We had decided we didn't want to accept and our EA was in agreement so feel OK about that but anxious that we don't have any viewings booked atm. We will have a chat with the EA later this week about when to reduce and by how much. Meanwhile we are booked to view a couple of houses but it feels a bit pointless without an offer.

123deepbreath · 13/09/2022 17:45

Can I join in?

We've just put ours up for sale, we're on holiday this week so the state agents are right this second doing a block blocking of viewings so fingers crossed that's going well!

FuzzyPuffling · 13/09/2022 18:00

I'm currently blundering my way through the conveyancing process. We accepted an offer on our house at the end of July from a cash buyer, and found one we wanted to buy at the beginning of August. Our sellers are moving into another house they own and we don't need a mortgage (downsizing) so it ought to be easy......

After 7 years in Cornwall it's time to swim against the tide and leave! Oh please work, I can't wait.

Positivelypatient · 13/09/2022 18:28

Hi, after a week of viewings I accepted the FTB cash buyer, had one other low ball offer but declined that. Now starting the paperwork from solicitor while EAs do ID and proof of funds checks on the buyer. I was a bit surprised the EAs are still booking in viewings..i thought they'd have stopped those. In any case I'm busy taking DD to uni this week (sunday in London its gonna be carnage) so I've said they'll have to do them next week. Apparently they don't stop marketing it until the offer is confirmed or whatever they call it.

Volterra · 13/09/2022 18:42

Thank you all very much 😀Am up to my eyes in stuff as the rest of our things arrived today so will catch up very soon but want to send positive moving vibes to everyone 😊

MaybeMaybeNotJ · 14/09/2022 07:24

We've been in the market about a month. We were told it would be snapped up.
We've had mostly viewers who ghosted the EA after viewing or just said "it's not for us". We've not had any viewings for a couple of weeks now. EA says it should be picking up and do we want to reduce. We don't want to because we don't have to move just want to move.

InTheCludgie · 14/09/2022 09:13

Welcome to everyone who's joined and good luck to you, hope those whose viewings have dried up get more people through the door soon.

OP posts:
LionessesRules · 14/09/2022 09:14

MaybeMaybe we were told ours would get snapped up too, but it took forever.

That said, if you are giving the impression you are not bothered about moving that may put people off (I remember a viewing last time we moved - 15 years ago - when the householder said "I don't really want to move" when asked why they were selling. Needless to say, we didn't offer)

manateeandcake · 14/09/2022 10:46

Welcome to those who have just joined, and positive vibes to all, whatever stage you're at.

A friend told me our house would be "snapped up". I think we can safely say that it has not been! 😬

RidingMyBike · 14/09/2022 11:15

Good luck everyone (from someone who just emerged out the other end!)

Doubleraspberry · 14/09/2022 23:09

Ours was going to be under offer before it hit Rightmove, and took four months and two reductions to sell.

We have agreed a reduction (mysteriously the exact amount my idiot husband told the estate agent we could afford) so hopefully full steam to exchange now!

Volterra · 15/09/2022 04:51

Everyone said ours would be snapped up. Attempt 1 took 3 days, attempt 2 took 7 weeks and attempt 3 it didn’t get back on RM as someone saw the sale agreed sign change back to for sale and came the next day.

GingerPigz · 15/09/2022 06:01

Hi... we are also part of the "great house, will be snapped up" gang. 3 weeks on RM and only ONE freakin viewing (garden too small). Stats show online viewings are significantly higher than average which doesn't make sense. Reduced by £30k two days ago and haven't heard anything back from EA. Feeling super despondent but seeking strength from others on here.

sellinghomeswithmn · 15/09/2022 06:32

I recently put my flat up for sale. 2 days of viewings and one offer that we managed to push up to asking
It's a FTB. We're waiting on the mortgage offer, homebuyers survey booked in. Fingers crossed this goes smoothly as had time wasted by a FTB last year .

ecochiroptera · 15/09/2022 07:54

Interesting that we were old told the same. Was this just by the EA or friends/family? Because our EA actually didn't say that. He was pretty clear that it's an unusual house in not the best location, so could take a while to find the right person even when priced competitively. Which is what I expected, although now experiencing it is still super hard despite expecting it. For us it was friends and family saying it would get snapped up, that we won't have any problems selling it etc. I am anxiously awaiting feedback from yesterday's viewing. They were here for quite a while, so that gives me hope. But I also have to have a word with the EA. He left the door open with the key in the lock! I was quite shocked when I came back home.

GingerPigz · 15/09/2022 08:08

@ecochiroptera ... to be far, for us it has been friends, family and fellow villagers - but the EA did express surprise at how nice it was (well, his exact words were "much better than I expected"). I presume this is because we bought it in quite a state and have completely done it up - he would have only had the old RM you hoyos to go in. We get 3 x quotes from different EAs and initially put it on for the average price of these quotes - now it's lightly under the lowest quote.

Fingers crossed for good news re your viewing yesterday but absolutely unacceptable that your EA left the keys in the door. That definitely needs more than just a mention. Maybe it was a junior member of staff? - perhaps request only senior EAs do future viewings?

Doubleraspberry · 15/09/2022 08:56

Yep. The key in the door is outrageous and you need to make a fuss!

We were told by four estate agents that the house was gorgeous and would sell like ‘that’. We did have friends asking us why it was on so cheaply, when it was totally failing to sell. It sold for about the lowest price a house of its size and location has sold in years, and we got so much negative feedback on its configuration that I thought no one would ever want it.

InTheCludgie · 15/09/2022 09:11

That's awful @ecochiroptera !

OP posts:
SweetFannyAdamsDog · 15/09/2022 14:45

Hello everyone, we are also about to go back on the market after failing to sell with the previous agent, we took it over for about 6 weeks in between though.

The photos are being taken next week and it looks ok but fingers crossed someone wants it. It's a quirky house so not for everyone but we fell in love with it 15 years ago, have done it up and replaced everything so are really hoping someone feels the same. It's been a fantastic family home for us but I'm over it now and just want shot of it as it's also a money pit.

ecochiroptera · 15/09/2022 15:22

Thanks everyone. I had a stern word with the EA. It was actually the head of the office, not some junior member. I really like him generally and he had a pretty good reason that made him leave in a haste, so I am not making a huge deal out of it. We all make mistakes. In terms of feedback, viewers thought the garden was too small, which I found quite strange. It's a really big garden for the size of house/location, so not sure if they just couldn't think of a better reason.

Welcome @SweetFannyAdamsDog. Seems like we are in a similar-ish situation. We haven't lived in our house for that long but it's also a quirky one. I keep telling myself the same thing - we love(d) it, so surely someone else must as well.

mynameiscalypso · 15/09/2022 16:59

Oh I've found my people! We've just put our flat on the market and had our first viewing this afternoon. Don't think they were keen as they wanted more bathrooms and a bigger third bedroom but all the estate agents told me that it's a sellers market in our area as stock levels are so low. Naturally I expect that means that it will take us months and months to sell...

InTheCludgie · 15/09/2022 19:34

Welcome to everyone who has joined I'm the past day or so!

We had our first viewer yesterday since the house went back on the market and while the feedback implied they really like the house, they're not rushing into a decision. I have another viewer tomorrow then a third on Saturday.

Our vendor isn't going to remarket atm as he still wants us to have the house, his EA told us that while he's waiting, he plans to do some work to address a few issues highlighted on his home survey and even asked if we want input on a new dishwasher as he will be leaving it behind for us and doesn't expect any money for any of these things. I really hope this move works out for us!

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