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Has anyone built their own home....particularly a timber framed house?

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Bobthebuildersmate · 20/01/2008 18:52

Where do you start? Are there any companies you could recommend/tell me to avoid?! It's very early days in the process so I'm trying not to get too excited but I just wanted to find out some basic info. Thanks.

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Bobthebuildersmate · 20/01/2008 19:29

Bump because it's busy on here tonight!

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McDreamy · 20/01/2008 19:32

No but I watched Grand designs the other night which was about a timber framed build in Lambourn. The site (channel4 I think) might have some links.

Tortington · 20/01/2008 19:33

i always wondered about the re-sale value - unless its something off the telly with 'design' features - if its a perfectly ordinary build - how does that fair when it comes to re-sale - becuase the price of the land planning permission and build itsself isnt going to be cheap

an interested will kep looking

Bobthebuildersmate · 20/01/2008 19:53

Thanks McDreamy, I'll have a look there. Trying very hard not to go way over the top here but can't help to find out a few things can it?!

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babyblue2 · 20/01/2008 20:13

My hubby's a surveyor and has designed a few timber framed homes. He's also project managed some of the building work. He went through two companies called Thomas Mitchell Homes and Scotframe.

I asked about resale value and he says it shouldn't make any difference. There used to be some resistance to timber framed homes but not as much now as some of the bigger companies, e.g. Persimmon Homes are using them for their developments.

juxta · 20/01/2008 20:16

Hi check out Border oak, possibly all one word, Beeeeeooootiful houses........

alibubbles · 21/01/2008 10:23

This is our company Grand designs are filming one at the moment, or have been for the last 18 months, it will go out sometime this year.

One thast was built about 6 years ago cost £250K to build but has just sold for £3.5m ( Mind you, amazing piece of land)

Bobthebuildersmate · 21/01/2008 12:40

Oh they are all beautiful. I WANT A TIMBER FRAMED HOUSE...waaaaAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh.

OP posts:
kizzie · 21/01/2008 14:34

Oooh Hi Alibubbles - didnt realise you were still a member. You were so so kind to me a few years ago re. my seroxat nightmare.

Sorry Sorry hijack!!!!!!! xxxxx

alibubbles · 21/01/2008 18:40

Hi Kizzie, I remember you, how are you doing now?

Yes, I have been here as long as you, don't get so much time to post these days, I have 3 x 14 month olds which keep me busy and I love them dearly!

I pop in an out!

Hope you are fine.

Hadassah · 21/01/2008 18:44

My PILs have built a Skandia Hus - great if you like Swedish timber frame houses, which they do

kizzie · 21/01/2008 19:56

Oh my allibubbles - you had triplets????????????? on top of the others you already had.

Im absolutely fine thanks. It all worked out ok in the end thank goodness.

Sorry BobtheBuilders mate!!!! For blatant hijack. Good luck with your build.


alibubbles · 21/01/2008 22:40

Kizzie, they are not mine or related to each other, I childmind them!

kizzie · 22/01/2008 13:25

oh I seeee! I thought that would have been good going as was suprised i hadnt noticed the birth announcement.

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