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need some advice please

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WildCats · 12/01/2008 14:06

we own our home (with a mortgage). we live in the middle of a row of 6 terranced houses with a shared back.

the bloke on the end has built an extension at the end of his house, has bulit a garage and fenced it all off so now we dont have access to that end. he has had no written permission off any of the other people on the row and is rather smug about it.

just wanted to know if he is allowed to do this and if not what can we do about it.

thanks in advance if anyone answers

OP posts:
rantinghousewife · 12/01/2008 14:09

If he doesn't have planning permission, then by rights the council can AND WILL (if they don't retroactively grant him planning permission) make him demolish it.
You really need to speak the the planning office of your local council.

WildCats · 12/01/2008 14:10

thank you for that. does he need everyones permission also or does that not matter

OP posts:
WildCats · 12/01/2008 14:15

ah right i have just checked the planning permission and he has permission to build a two story extension but none for the garage or to block off the shared access

OP posts:
rantinghousewife · 12/01/2008 14:18

He needs planning permission from the council, when he applies for that, the council assess it and then writes to all the affected parties to inform them and you get a chance to voice any objections.
Some objections the council will over ride, for example you don't have a right to light, so if something puts your property a bit in the shade or something then, they wouldn't deny planning permission just on those ground.
However the rules on access to other peoples property are a bit different so if he's blocked the second entrance to your and the rest of the terraces properties then they would deny planning permission.

LIZS · 12/01/2008 14:19

Is the shared access/right of way depicted in the deeds. If so you can ask that it is kept clear. Perhaps those similarly affected coudl write collectively. Also contact council re: pp for garage.

rantinghousewife · 12/01/2008 14:19

He CANNOT block off shared access, the council would not grant planning permission for that.
Speak to someone there on Monday. And tell them it's a fire hazard.

lalalonglegs · 13/01/2008 14:31

If the back area is shared then there could well be some leasehold agreement in force in which case you could also ask the freeholder to intervene on your behalf - or if it is shared freehold,then speak to the other residents.

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