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Moving to Manchester in March - Help!

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selby · 04/01/2008 23:08

Definitely moving in next 2 mths. DH will be based in Leigh which is (quickly scans the map) west of Manchester. DS starts school in Sept so where to live which has (a) decent primary schools, (b) within 30mins/10miles of Leigh (c) preferably south Manchester with easy access to M6 (both sets of families are to the south). Renting initially for a year but would like to try to rent in the same area that we think we are likely to buy (very difficult when we know zilch about it but don't wish to move DS from one school to another in a year's time if at all possible)

OP posts:
paddingtonbear1 · 05/01/2008 14:04

We live in South Manchester but near Stockport, which would be a bit far for you. I don't know the area around Leigh really. My friend lives in Horwich which is fine, and just near the M61. Or you could try around Altrincham, but it depends on your budget.

themildmanneredjanitor · 05/01/2008 14:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker · 05/01/2008 19:37

I misread that, mmj, as you living in London then!

I think Worsley is quite nice and nearer to Leigh than South Manchester. Don't know your budget but Swinton is next to Worsley and cheaper but still ok ish - the parts I've seen

selby · 06/01/2008 21:06

Looked at Wilmslow but methinks that the commute maybe a bit of a nightmare - so now considering Altrincham/Bowden since it's nearer to Leigh but has the added attraction of the Metrolink! We are definitely renting for at least 12mths but if we do decide to buy at the end of that, budget will be £500K. Any advice welcome.

OP posts:
indiechick · 06/01/2008 21:09

Hale Barns, near Altrincham, just near the M56. Where I grew up, very nice. Or Hale.
Altrincham/Bowden lovely also. Leigh's not that nice to be honest. Friend used to live there but Worsley is good. Bramhall and Wilmslow also nice. Or Alderley Edge.

Oliveoil · 06/01/2008 21:14

Ryan Giggs lives/lived in Worsley so is footballer territory iirc, so would be nice area

I used to live in Chorlton, south mcr lovely, north is a dump [generalises]

MorocconOil · 06/01/2008 21:20

Wilmslow and Altrincham would be the same commuter wise and property pricewise. My friend recently bought a 5 bedroomed detached house in central Wilmslow with a very big garden for £550k.Both places have good state schools.

Boothstown is quite nice and hardly any distance to travel. The M60 is a bit of a nightmare during the rush hour.

Monkeybird · 06/01/2008 21:35

Don't live there anymore but born and bred in S Manc... There's lots of good primary schools in Manc - problems are not quite the same as in London but you will need to look them up.

Chorlton and Didsbury V central and accessible and still hip and still expensive for inner suburbia... (350k for 3 bed terrace etc)

Much of Stockport more suburban but more for your money - Heaton Moor nicest of the Heatons but most like Didsbury in style and price (not quite as expensive Victorian houses)

Bramhall, Wilmslow, Prestbury, Altrincham, Hale/Hale barns etc - more suburban and WAG-ish, less hip and multicultural, more space, considerably more expensive in many parts... Altrincham has advantage of metro though good for commuting

All close to M60 links for commuting

Have a property (MIL lives in it) in Ellenbrook which is a newish estate in Worsley with a good primary school - very desirable for young families. Very accessible for Leigh but is a newbuild and bigger houses there well in your price range I think but not so much for your money. Worsley and Roe Green villages more 'old' victorian properties and more local facilities and bits are more upmarket. All very close to M60 M61 links to west/north and quick into central Manchester

Walkden though close to some pretty rough areas. Mind you every where in Manc is close to some rough areas like any big city...

You might also consider, since you need to be West... the Warrington bits eg Appleton etc, some of which are quite nice or even some of the North Cheshire villages on the other side of the M6, And of the inner city north bits of Manc, Prestwich is considered the 'poshest' but I'd never live there! (sorry N Mancs...) but there are bits of Bolton that are pretty nice too...


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