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HIP's ??

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WriggleJiggle · 12/12/2007 08:59

HIPs are being introduced for 2 bedroom houses on Friday. I know that if your house is already on the market you don't need to get a HIP. We are thinking of changing our estate agent. Will we have to now get a HIP?

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 12/12/2007 15:32

I don't think so as HIPs apply to houses that have not been on the market before deadline. If your home is a bit slow to sell, however, I think they will become compulsory for all properties for sale some time in 2008.

stickybun · 14/12/2007 00:28

Remember - you only have to get a HIP if you market your house. if you sell by word of mouth you don't. Have checked this out with Govt. HIP hotline and they confirmed it. You have to market the property - i.e. agent, board up, internet etc..

LittleMinx · 17/12/2007 17:30

I think you will find you will need a hip if you choose to use a new agent. If you stay with your current agent you wont, but if you change you will need a hip. Any properties we now market have to have a hip if they are new on the market with us.

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