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Flat roofs

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manyhands · 04/12/2007 19:33

We are thinking of buying a house with a flat roof which takes up half the roof. The previous owner did all the upkeep on it which we know was well done (He's a close relative). We'll get it at an excellent price but are really streching ourselves to get the money. Layout is weird too but we are getting it 80k below asking price. What is everyones thoughts. Hoping to resell in a couple of years.

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RubySlippers · 04/12/2007 19:36

you must get a survey done - maybe a even a full stuctural one

we are buying a house with a flat roof extension (fingers crossed) - passed the survey although we are budgeting for replacing it in the next couple of years

lalalonglegs · 05/12/2007 21:49

We lived with a flat roof for seven years and never had a single problem with it. It depends how well it is built and maintained. Get a surveyor to have a look at it and worry more about weird layout - especially if it is 80k below asking price. Is asking price a bit optimistic? Can layout be improved when you sell in two years' time?

If it's a great house, people will overlook the flat roof - if there are other issues, then it may not be the bargain you imagine and the roof could put people off regardless of how watertight it is.

manyhands · 06/12/2007 07:30

I think the asking price is a big optimistic but the presentation is worse. We couldn't afford to do anything about the layout. I'm also concerned about the news yesterday about house prices but it's a big house in a good area at a chaper price because we are close relatives. Hummmm

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