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Vendor pulling out of sale - estate agent wants full fee

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Honeymum · 15/11/2007 11:24

I was selling my house. We accepted an offer at the beginning of September, 10k under asking price, on condition that the sale went through quickly....Some weeks later the buyer is haggling on the price (on basis of minor repairs needed) and as time has gone on we've decided that we don't won't to sell because our planned relocation isn't working out. Our agent is now invoking a clause in the contract which says they get their fee if they find a purchaser who is "ready, willing and able" to buy at a price agreed by us. Anyone have similar experience?

OP posts:
TillyScoutsmum · 15/11/2007 15:11

The "ready, willing and able" clause is complete baloney and can not be enforceable. Refer them to the Unfair Contracts Act 1977 ...

Disregarding the above, your buyers are not ready or willing on the current terms because they want to "chip" the price. To be honest, an access indemnity sounds fair enough (something which is not necessarily picked up on a viewing) but £500 to service a boiler ??!! WTF ?? There's no law that says you have to have your boiler serviced. If they want it done, they pay for it themselves.

Lalalonglegs - you don't write for the EG do you ? I'm a Chartered Surveyor and sort of recignise your screen name ?

PickleFinger · 10/06/2015 09:53

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