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cheltenham....anyone reccommend it??

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easydoesit · 14/11/2007 19:19

I have a 7 month dd.what is cheltenham like? that's it really!!

OP posts:
StrawberryMartini · 14/11/2007 19:21

Oooooh it's lovely my grandparents used to live there and now my parents do. Used to think only old people lived there but I'm sure that's not true . It's v posh and the architecture's fantastic.

easydoesit · 14/11/2007 19:22

thanks! do you know what areas are nice?

OP posts:
StrawberryMartini · 14/11/2007 20:36

Depends how much money you have! My folks are in Charlton Kings which (they say) is the posh bit.

bigwombat · 14/11/2007 20:46

Ex-h now lives there. It is not all posh, although the centre of town is dominated by classy shopping and big private schools/expensive hotels! It seems to be always quoted on the news as the home of retired colonels but has its share of drunken youths on weekends just like anywhere else!! Leckhampton and Charlton Kings are good for schools I think, and quite green and leafy. My dds were born n Cheltenham General Hospital which seemed quite good.

Furball · 15/11/2007 07:14

Bishops Cleeve/woodmancote is good for familys, 3 decent schools between them. Local shops, good bus service into cheltenham (about 3-4 miles)

DANCESwithHughJackman · 15/11/2007 07:41

I love it, my family has spent reasonable amount of time there over the last 15 years . Lots of great cultural stuff going on , there are posh bits (the girls and boys private schools have amazing buildings) and some lovely shops but there's also the full quota of Dorothy Perkins and WHsmith type shops and average folks too! I would be happy to live there (apart from the absence of all my friends and family )

easydoesit · 17/11/2007 22:51

thank you all x

OP posts:
bubblerock · 17/11/2007 23:03

I lived their and there are some really rough areas so be careful where you look to buy.

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