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What brand kitchen appliances

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planplan · 27/04/2021 12:06

I'm in the midst of sorting a new kitchen.

DH wants all Bosch - hob, oven, integrated microwave, dishwasher and fridge freezer.

Howdens are trying to flog me their range 'Lamona' which is cheaper...but are they as good?

I'm not stuck on Bosch, but I don't want a brand that won't last or is rubbish like my current (bought for short term) Indesit fridge that heats everything up if you hit the 'boost' button Hmm

What brands would you reccomend?

OP posts:
SpeakingFranglais · 28/04/2021 05:47

Our BFs are kitchen fitters.

They currently only have confidence in Bosch, Miele & Neff, I believe Bosch and Neff are sister companies.

Cocoaone · 28/04/2021 05:54

We had lamona induction hob, oven, extractor hood and dishwasher.

Dishwasher was awful. Randomly left dishes filthy. Finally replaced last year when it stopped working entirely (8 years old)

Induction hob has been fine. Does the job, easy to clean.

Oven has been repaired twice (element replaced and something to do with the grill that I forget). Still has patchy hot spots (8 years old)

Extractor hood developed a rattle a couple of years ago which isn't awful enough for me to bother replacing, and some of the buttons 'stick' so you have to press in a certain order to get the highest setting on.

We won't be going lamona in our next kitchen...

dattenboroughiskingoftheworld · 28/04/2021 06:13

Lamona were already in my kitchen when I moved in. The oven is shit and I have to rotate food to stop burning. Every drawer in the integrated fridge freezer has cracked. The gas hon and integrated microwave are fine. I have Miele washer and dishwasher and love them. These replaced my Bosch ones that packed in after two years. Had AEG before that and wasn't impressed. Miele all the way for me.

Inanun2 · 28/04/2021 06:26

We have Miele appliances, previously Bosch both of which we have been happy with, Miele washing machine and dishwasher very quiet, I find the fridge quite noisy but nothing to compare to.

I do have the cheapest condenser tumble dryer in the world - Creda - had 20 years and still going strong, a washing machine repairman recommended I buy the simplest tumble dryer as less to go wrong and most people just use 2 settings (high and low heat) can not argue with that as I still have it !

Mmmmdanone · 28/04/2021 06:29

I have a lamona dishwasher that's been fine for 5 years. Also an oven which is also fine.

PurpleWh1teGreen · 28/04/2021 09:13

As PP said Bosch, Neff & Siemans are from the same stable, with Bosch as the entry level range. Hence my advice not to buy bottom of the range Bosch.

Similarly Zannussi & AEG. (Electrolux). Though people aren't usually confused which is the junior partner Winkthere.

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