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Another of Piffles speculative house moving costing questions - removals firms what's the average cost then?

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Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:34

For a not overly heavily furnished 4 bed house with dbl garage contents.
A service where they wrap up your big stuff and do it all for you etc

We would only (hypothetically) be moving 7 miles south of where we are now, if that makes a difference

Cheers oh fonts of all knowledge

OP posts:
TellusMater · 07/11/2007 14:37

We paid about 1000 (have no pound sign - sorry) for a local move, 2 bed to 4 bed plus massive garage, including packing (small stuff as well as big stuff).

Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:40

I knew DP was making up figures

OP posts:
bossykate · 07/11/2007 14:40

hi piffle

how are you and dh getting on? what news?

policywonk · 07/11/2007 14:41

We paid 900 for three-bed house, moving 100 miles. They did all the packing. This was in the south-east.

TellusMater · 07/11/2007 14:41

It was just under a year ago.

And although it was a 2 bed house, once everything was in the 4 bed, it didn't look underfurnished .

Is your DP loathe to move then - or is it you?

TellusMater · 07/11/2007 14:45

I didn't want an e there did I?

ImportantCod · 07/11/2007 14:45

roght piff this is what you do

you choose who you want

you ge three quotes

if the one you wnat is £££ youring them and say

" ah its a pity as twat face removlas asid they coudl do it for ££ and i really wanted you use YOu as my mate had SUCH good expereince from you"

"ah mrs norkage , well what if we offer £"

" ah yes thankyou and goodbye"

Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:54

Dp is deeply cautious
I am not
basic spec is this
we have nice house in town xxxxx
dd goes to school in village zzzzz 7 miles sth as she has minor SN and this school is perfect as it small and caring.

houses in this zzzzz village are £35k cheaper than we could sell ours for, they are rarely on the market either.

So would save me a 30 mile driving stint daily for starters, ds1 would get free school transport to his grammar school.
House in zzzz in 9 doors down from dd's school and the pre school (for ds2 when the time comes)
I want to go for it
DP is hesitating calculating it will cost us £20k to move

OP posts:
ImportantCod · 07/11/2007 14:54

did you READ my ida or not?

policywonk · 07/11/2007 14:55


When we moved, I reckon it cost us about £11k in cash. Most of that was stamp duty (on house over 250,000).

Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:55

oh and said house to buy is better set out for our needs even though it is on major main road

OP posts:
Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:56

yes Cod oh God yes I will do that too

OP posts:
Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:57

quite selling for £250k buying for £215k or less...

OP posts:
policywonk · 07/11/2007 14:58

So you will only be paying 1 per cent stamp duty, I think (unless it's gone up) - it's the buyer who pays.

policywonk · 07/11/2007 14:58

Or do I mean 2 per cent?

Piffle · 07/11/2007 14:59

tis 1%

OP posts:
policywonk · 07/11/2007 15:02

Trying to remember what the elements of that 11k were - stamp duty, removals firm, fee for arranging mortgage, fee for estate agent on house you're selling, fees for solicitor and survey... I think that was pretty much it.

Zazette · 07/11/2007 15:03

It will cost you well inside £10k to move - roughly, £2k for stamp duty, £2k for solicitors and surveyors, £1k for removal men, plus whatever for the estate agent if you sell that way. This is based on my experience 3 months ago.

Piffle · 07/11/2007 15:06

thanks so much for this

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