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Moving a window - do I need a builder, window fitter or both????

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Fizzylemonade · 05/11/2007 11:21

I have decided to move the window in my en-suite to allow a 1200 shower, it seems mad to have the space and not use it.

So, do I need a builder to make a hole, or can a window fitter do that? I will need a new opening and the existing window opening bricked up.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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StaryNightSky · 05/11/2007 11:27

If you contact a good builder they should be able to remove the old window, brick up the whole and creat a new opening, and fit a new window.

Be warned it is messy!

You will also need a FENSA certificate, which can be obtained from building control.

Hope that Helps

Fizzylemonade · 05/11/2007 11:35

No that is great help. The whole en-suite is being ripped out and replaced, it is tiled floor to ceiling so it will be messy removing all those anyway.

Having fitted our own bathroom suite and tiled it I am paying someone to come in this time and do it all. I cannot be doing with the hassel

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newgirl · 12/11/2007 19:06

def a builder - a window fitter will replace windows and prob wont even 'make good' around them

PeachesMcLean · 12/11/2007 22:35

But you definitely need a proper FENSA company to put the window in cos if you ever plan to sell, you'll need to show the certificate for the new window.

scienceteacher · 12/11/2007 22:37

The builder can move the opening and fit the window.

newgirl · 13/11/2007 15:17

i think fensa is required in conservation areas only? not sure - migh tbe worth a call to local building regs office

StaryNightSky · 13/11/2007 15:31

No FENSA is def required in all areas!

It is a self cert scheme for the window instilation industry.

Without you will have problems with selling.

You can get one buy apply through building control but hey have to come and inspect the old window and the new window.

You MUST get a FENSA Cert.

Its the Government and paperwork again!

newgirl · 15/11/2007 12:59

i believe you stary - how do they know that you put it in though? not the people before eg?

Fizzylemonade · 16/11/2007 09:39

My original windows were fitted by the previous people but whoever fitted them wasn't FENSA registered, it was a problem when we came to buy the property.

Vendors paid for an insurance policy that if it was ever discovered that the windows weren't FENSA fitted then the policy would cover the cost of all the windows being replaced !!!

Sadly I can't shop myself and have lovely new windows

I miss trickle vents, sigh.

So if a builder does it do I then contact building control to give me a certificate?

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