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Would a shower cubicle partly covering a window put you off buying a house???

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Fizzylemonade · 31/10/2007 13:19

I currently have a 760corner shower cubicle but have the space to make this into a 1200 long shower cubicle. (I need to replace my en-suite soon otherwise I will end up with a flood in the room below)

On the wall opposite the shower I have a window which starts at 460mm from the corner so if I extend the showering space with a shiny new 1200 long cubicle the end of the cubicle will partially cover the window (with about 150mm gap between the cubicle and the wall)and it would cover half the window.

I do not want to move the window as I am planning to move next year so do not want to add the complication of finding someone to do that.

Do you think I should just get an 800mm cubicle or utilise the space? Oh and it's a modern 1990's house.

OP posts:
jura · 31/10/2007 13:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nailpolish · 31/10/2007 13:39

i fyou are moving house then go for the smaller cubicle. you will only have to put up with it til you move.

when selling, no-one will think "oh the shower cubicle is small"
it wont even register

but if you have a cubicle covering the window, it may put a tiny bit of doubt in their minds
"the house with the shower over the window"
sort of thing

i fyou were planning on staying in the house forever, theni would say go for what you want. but youre not

throckenholt · 31/10/2007 13:45

why not replace it with a 1000mm cubicle then ?

Fizzylemonade · 31/10/2007 14:45

Thanks for your help, I did think I was being a bit crazy

1000mm might do the trick, although I can see that DH (a.k.a The Voice of Reason) will say 800mm.

OP posts:
GooseyLoosey · 31/10/2007 14:48

Yep, would put me off too.

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