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Wood flooring in loft - your opinions please

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jalopy · 24/10/2007 09:44

We are currently deciding on flooring for our new loft. Very tempted to put down solid oak but aware of how expensive it is.

Anyone else done the same. Any drawbacks to to doing this? Did you have any problems afterwards?

Have explored engineered and laminated flooring but would prefer solid if poss.

Reluctant to put carpets down. Worried they will look grubby within weeks.

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GooseyLoosey · 24/10/2007 09:47

We have oak floors. They look great, but there are downsides. They need re-waxing from time to time which is a hassle. They scratch quite easily so you have to be prepared for the "lived in" look. They are also very noisy. When you are downstairs you can always hear people walking around upstairs. Finally, they are quite sensitive to temperature and damp and do shrink and cup if they are in damp or not properly acclimatised to where you put them.

If you can live with the above, they really are lovely.

FranSanDisco · 24/10/2007 09:49

We have wood in our loft (not Oak) and they are fine. Can get scratched though but it looks nice so that's all that matters

jalopy · 24/10/2007 10:00


Actually, does engineered flooring cope better with the shifts in movement, temperatures, etc?

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wheelybug · 24/10/2007 10:04

We have reclaimed pine in loft ( i think - laid by previous owners) and is great. However, I had a friend who has just had loft conversion adn went through similar dilemma - EVERYONE she spoke to advised engineered wood beacause of shifts in temp/movement as you say. This is what she went for in the end.

jalopy · 24/10/2007 10:23

That's good to know. Thanks

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