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Choosing patio - what do I need to think about??

FusionChefGeoff · 31/08/2020 20:35

We're having decking ripped out (hooray!) and patio laid in a few weeks. I've never done garden landscaping before so hoping for some advice.

Decking is raised then full width steps to garden. I've asked for a small wall along length of patio with narrower steps (in brick) down to garden level. Walk is being built using sleepers.

Then when at garden level, 2 smaller patio areas either edge of garden 1 for seating and 1 for BBQ.

Garden man has suggested Indian Sandstone for patio. I am a very visual person who will obsess for HOURS about paint colours toning with wood / furniture etc so feel the need to undertake some research on slabs before confirming.

So - what do I need to think about or any good places to look for inspiration apart from Pinterest?

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