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new kitchens

7 replies

Bronte · 26/09/2007 20:04

anyone had a new kitchen bought and fitted from b and q? Were you satisfied with their products and service. Any other recommendations welcome.

OP posts:
KristinaM · 26/09/2007 23:43

my friends got one and the wall cupboards fell off the wall smashing all her china

harrisey · 26/09/2007 23:45

Yes, we found B&Q great.

Only delivered, not fitted (lived too far from a branch)

But for a variety of reasons (holiday properties) we bough 3 kitchens in 5 years - form B&Q, MFI and Wickes, and the B&Q one was the only one that was delivered on time and all the bits were there.

bookthief · 26/09/2007 23:47

I bought a bathroom from B&Q and had it fitted by them. A World Of Pain. Flooded my downstairs neighbours twice, did a crappy job of finishing and a couple of years later I discovered yet another problem with the fitting which also caused a leak into my long-suffering neighbours. B&Q were not interested in helping to solve the problems caused by their fitters after they got my cash. It is my mission in life to help others to avoid this.

By all means buy the kitchen from them but get your own fitters.

Furball · 27/09/2007 07:11

We had a B & Q kitchen fitted last year. They use independent fitters so it's just 'luck of the draw' whether you get a good one or not. We were lucky, our chap was brilliant. Therefore I second the find your own fitter, but obviously get a recommendation for them otherwise you maybe in the same situation. It probably would be cheaper as well as everything you buy has a fitting price and some of it is sheer rip-off type stuff

Bounder · 28/09/2007 19:09

Im in the market for a new kitchen too. Ive heard that the big chains service can be indifferent and to try to go for local outfits. any suggestions?(Midlands)Also any experience of Magnet? <br /> It seems to me to make sense to find a company who both supply and fit so that you have some comeback and they cant blame eachother for problems etc...but Ive no idea really! Its all a bit of a minefield.

iota · 28/09/2007 19:11

we had a B&Q kitchen earlier this yr and the fitters were excellent - they were independent as Furball said.

TuttiFrutti · 01/10/2007 13:27

All the big chains use independent subcontractors to do their fitting, so the quality is very variable. Find your own fitter if you can.

Magnet make nice kitchens but they are overpriced IMO. I was recently quoted £23K outside the sale, £15K in the sale (and they always have sales on). B&Q quoted me £10K for what looks to me exactly the same thing.

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