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Does anyone live in or around Amersham?

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tangarine · 16/09/2007 21:13

We (me, dh, ds's aged 10 and 5) are thinking about moving to Amesham from SE London. We've spent quite a bit of time doing internet research, and went up there for the day yesterday. We liked the "feel", and there are nice properties we can afford.

Ds and I both work f/t in central London so childcare (pref childminder) is essential.

Does anyone have any experience of Amersham/surrounding area, commuting and childcare? And any idea of what the property market is like around there? I'd be really grateful for any information/advice.


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tangarine · 17/09/2007 19:20


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elesbells · 17/09/2007 19:22

i live in iver, but i work in amersham and my girls go to the college

tis very nice

elesbells · 17/09/2007 19:23

finding houses hang one sec.

elesbells · 17/09/2007 19:31


just type in amersham. i dont know anything about the childcare, but the town is lovely. a huge tesco right in the middle. the high street has loads of shops but once you turn off the main street its a little village. lots of schools ect. amersham station is on the met line.

LIZS · 17/09/2007 19:35

elesbells do you mean Old Amersham ? Amersham on the Hill is the one nearer the station, lots of 1930's houses and has a mixture of shops(M and S foods is new) in its slightly run down high street with lots of retirement places being built. Good schools, park and leisure centre.

tangarine · 17/09/2007 19:49

elesbells and lizs,

Thanks! We had a look at a couple of 1930s houses on Saturday (one has already gone). We have spoken to schools today - St George's has places but Chestnut Lane is full and has a waiting list. Do you have any experience/ know anyone with children there?

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Silva74 · 18/09/2007 20:41

I live in Rickmansworth which is not too far from Amersham and is a bit closer to London on the Metropolitan line. I commute from Rickmansworth and get the train that goes to Amersham on my way home. I don't find commuting too bad - it takes me an hour to get back from Old Street. We also have a childminder as I have 2 DD's. I think Amersham is nice and is good for commuting.

tangarine · 18/09/2007 21:16

Thank you silva74. We have friends who used to live in Ricky, and dh was brought up in Northwood. He wants to go further out than Northwood/Ricky so Amersham seems a reasonable compromise - still commutable but feels out of London. I, on the other hand, am not ready to move out yet!

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Cashncarry · 18/09/2007 21:24

I used to live there aaaages ago. Grew up there actually - St George's is a great school IIRC - I actually did some work exp there while in sixth form. I think Chestnut School is a bit more up-market though IYSWIM

It's pretty good for commuting into London - you've got the Met line (about 1hr I think to Aldgate stops at Baker St) plus the BR straight in Marleybone (30 mins if direct) pretty regularly.

All in all, it's a lovely place IMO and I would have stayed if we could have afforded a property there.

hana · 18/09/2007 21:28

I just did a run there on the weekend with their running club and it struck me as such a pretty place. I'd live there!

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