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my folks r my landlords, how do i move out without upsetting them?

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charliesmummy87 · 13/09/2007 20:42

i live in my parents basement with dh and ds. its a very nice flat and its been great having them on hand but i'm still under their thumb and have all the problems one has when living with ur folks. they have lovely big garden complete with animals and fish, and a swimming pool to drown in and an electric fense and its a bloody steep hill, ds cant just wander out without me been two steps behind for fear of whatever the cat has killed half eatten and left. i would love my own place or rent my own, at least to have propper sunlight, dark and dingy basment gives major headaches with flouresent lights.
but how to bring it up to my folks? they give us great family discount and on hand babysitters but they r always there!!! i dont wanna hurt their feelins so what do i say???

OP posts:

tearinghairout · 13/09/2007 22:21

Find somewhere else first before you tell them. Then you can say that it's better because not so dark, no electric fence etc. They might not understand why you want to go, but it's your life, they can't live it for you. Sometimes people don't have to understand, they just have to accept.

Even though you're onto a good thing, I do sympathise, my mum was going on and on at me this evening, giving me unwanted advice, it was really hard not to slam the bloody phone down. I thought it would stop once I'd hit 40... Get the 'flats to rent' section of the paper as soon as it comes out!

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