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Sitting tenants and selling houses

4 replies

Thunderpants · 12/09/2007 16:18

Does anyone know what the deal is when selling a house with a sitting tenant? I have a tenant who's been great for the past 5 years, but I need to sell the house. I'm so loathe to turn her out of the house, but not sure whether you get a lot less for your property if there's someone in it. does anyone have any experience in this area? thanks.

OP posts:

Lasvegas · 12/09/2007 16:20

In my experience you don't have to turn her out until you are at the exchange part of the process.


fridayschild · 13/09/2007 17:42

If you sell it as a buy to let investment ie she stays in despite the sale, you might get more for it because the house has been let to a good tenant.

If you are selling it on the basis it will be empty on completion, will she be co-operative when the agents bring people round for viewings? For example, will she be there, or leave it tidy? It might be hard to market with her in there.


DarthVader · 13/09/2007 17:45

Unless you grant her more rights than a shorthold tenancy the new owners can chuck her out anyhow. If you do give her more rights then the market value will be hugely reduced.


LIZS · 13/09/2007 17:52

Our letting agency had a contact who specifically bought properties with sitting tenants. That way they get a quicker return.

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