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Has anyone ever got their council/housing association to agree to house extension? If so how and who paid?

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Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 13:40

7 of us in 2 double bed, one single bedroomed house. Ds2 is disabled and we dont want to move. Just wondered if anyone has experience of extending a council or HA house.


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LadyVictoriaOfCake · 10/09/2007 13:41

speak to dd2 OT and see about extension based on her needs.


Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 13:51

Trouble is he doesnt really have any to warrant needing more space (it's more that there are so many of us in a tight space!) - he has epilepsy and it's the worry of moving that makes us want to stay here, incase it brings seizures on again. Though I suppose OT could write a letter to that effect couldnt they? Hadnt thought of that. Thanks

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LadyVictoriaOfCake · 10/09/2007 13:58

oops just realised i said dd2 sorry!

yes ask and see if one can be done on medical grounds.


Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 17:06

Thanks "me Lady" said in a Parker voice

Bump for anyone else?

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Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 19:46


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nutcracker · 10/09/2007 19:48

A friend of mine lived in a 3 bed council house with 2 teenage boys and a 9 yr old daughter.

Her eldest son is autistic, and so she told the council he needed his own room and they built them a single story extension, no arguments, and they did it quite quickly too.


Tottie32 · 10/09/2007 19:48

defo speak to OT as a first step.

would you pay or would you want to pay

you could apply for a disabled facility grant


nutcracker · 10/09/2007 19:51

Friend didn't pay by the way.


Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 19:57

We would be prepared to pay a little as if we moved it would cost prob couple of thousand if we think decorating/carpets etc.

Not heard of disabled facility grant Tottie. Is it based on means test do you know? Will research it now.

Thanks Nutcracker, that's really encouraging to know it does happen as i havent heard anyone have it before

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Pixiefish · 10/09/2007 20:00

I know of someone who had 10 kids (last 3 were triplets) and the council knocked through from their council house into next door to give them more space


PillockOfTheCommunity · 10/09/2007 20:05

my dad had neighbours with one girl and one boy, he was on incapacity benefit (a problem with walking long distances, unless to the pub , and he's since been done for fraud) and the HA paid for an extension to the 2 bed bungalow they were in rather than move them to a bigger property.


Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 20:18

The disabled grants can be up to £25k and not means tested if for a disabled child.

Thanks Pixiefish and Pillock for your info - am feeling even more encouraged. it's hard to know how to phrase things, though as ds often needs someone sleeping with him/checking on him I reckon that would be fair reason for an extra room?

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Tottie32 · 10/09/2007 21:12

have you got the info you need about the DFG? i have leaflets at work about it...

i dont know much about the children side as i work with adults, i may be able to find out though but to be honest i would give your OT a call

best of luck


elasticbandstand · 10/09/2007 21:14

we tried
no question, we had to pay.


ShinyHappySchmooo · 10/09/2007 21:19

Yes! Yes!!

It got offered to us in early January (house they are going to extend), cue a very excited thread from me on here with lots of lovely Mners posting happily because they know something of the hassle we have had getting that far and the desperate need we have for an extended house (need disabled facilites for 7 yr old DS.. will search threads in a minute)

Told we would be in by Spring!!

We are still waiting. House is "ours" (they are even letting us store half our stuff in it; things we have bought over (all that!) time that we will need to make the new house as DS-friendly as poss) but they STILL haven't bloody well started on it!!

We have a provisional date of next Monday (17th) as a start date for the build. It should only take 6 - 8 weeks for the work to be done.. but of course it won't..!

We are trying to remain positive that we will be in this year. We are practically camping out now and DS1 sleeps on DD's bedroom floor now (DS2 makes life too unbearable for DS1 to sleep in there with him anymore).

But yes.. we are moving.. the HA are funding this.. it is possible (depending on need) and it can be done. But we have been through a lot to get this far.

What HA is it, if you don't mind saying? (s'ok if you do..)


Howdydoody · 10/09/2007 21:42

Thanks Tottie, the gov website had some good info so am gona get onto council tomorrow.

Elasticbandstand - did you have a council/HA house or private house to extend? Just wondering if it makes a difference. Did they give you reasons why you had to pay?

S-H-S, that must be so hard knowing the house is yours. I know when we were waiting for this house to be allocated to us we were living in a touring caravan for 2/3 months and it seemed to be years. Hope you get good news soon

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