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Living in Fleet, Church Crookham or Farnham?

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AngeK · 10/09/2007 12:33

My family is thinking of relocating to this sort of area and wondered if anyone knows this area? We can't decide whether we'd live in a town or maybe a village on the outskirts. I don't know this area at all so any opinions or further suggestions of nearby places would be much appreciated

OP posts:
Idreamofchocolate · 10/09/2007 13:03

Hi Ange. Of the 3 locations you mention, Farnham is by far the nicest IMO. Farnham is a nice old town, with a really friendly feel to it, a good range of shops, train links to London, lovely river running through the edge of town with good walks along it. There's a great park next to the river with a lovely play area for kids, and there's a larger park up near the castle (did I mention it has a castle too?). Nice farmer's market every month, lots of places to sit and drink coffee. Close to lots of lovely countryside around the are too, so you're never far from fields and woodland (in fact Alice Holt forest is just down the road, fab for familys).

Fleet is a fairly new town, the town centre is not particularly attractive or exciting, the range of shops is pretty poor and, to be honest, it's somewhere I drive through but never stop at. There are really good train links to London from the station here though, and it's very close to the M3, so good for transport links. There are nice places close to Fleet (Hartley Wintney springs to mind, very nice indeed!).

Church Crookham? Very close to Fleet, just houses and small local shops really. Not terribly exciting (my brother lives there so I know it fairly well!).

Depends what you want from a place to live really, but of the 3 Farnham is my definate favourite. You could also look towards Guildford which is lovely....not that I'm biased!


Surr3ymummy · 23/10/2007 16:26

Yes I'd vote for Farnham too. But it's probably more expensive than either Church Crookham or Fleet - so it depends what your priorities are.

The schools are pretty good - and we live in a village to the South of Farnham, which is lovely!

Where do you need to get to for work? What do you like doing in your spare time etc...

tiredemma · 23/10/2007 16:28

Dps family live in Farnham- Its lovely. I would move there in a shot

lapsedrunner · 23/10/2007 16:34

Definitely Farnham

Reamhar · 07/11/2007 22:55

I live around here, so can say that Fleet and Church Crookham don't have as much character as Farnham, but they a nice enough places to live with great schools, but they are both are typical urban sprawls.

Farnham is lovely, with great shops, but the traffic can be a bit of a pig, IMO.

There are some nice villages in and around as well. Hartley Wintney, Crookham, Crondall, etc which are all lovely.

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