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Can I tile my kitchen after putting the units in or is it better to tile first?

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Malaleche · 07/09/2007 23:47

We are doing up a house, very big job and builder keeps telling me i need to decide on the tiling for the kitchen now. They're still building the staircase and there are no windows or doors yet! Why do i have to decide on tiles now? Cant i wait and tile later?

OP posts:

Judd · 07/09/2007 23:49

we've just done our kitchen (royal We - I've kept the chidlren out of the way, husband has done all work!)and we've papered, put the units in, and are now tiling about a foot and a half above the units. Hope that helps - it looks brill anyway!


scienceteacher · 09/09/2007 17:00

When we had our kitchen fitted, the tiles were done after the units were put in (by the same fitter).


mummydoit · 09/09/2007 17:11

If it's wall tiles, units first, then tiles. Our kitchen fitter had to remove some tiles to put in the new units. Luckily, they were hideous and we planned to retile anyway so it didn't matter. If it's floor tiles, do the floor first then units on top.


ELR · 11/09/2007 15:41

floor first walls later

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