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City or country?

4 replies

leo1978 · 05/09/2007 10:26

Would you (and hubby and small baby) rather live in the city or the countryside and why? Am relocating from London to Norfolk and deciding between rural life and city life?

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 05/09/2007 10:29

There are numerous threads on this already.

Try a search on 'small town' in Chat.

Some folks are city people, others are not.

You really need to decide this for yourselves.

Make a list of what's important to you and your family.

portonovo · 05/09/2007 11:16

Neither. Small town every town. Market town sort of thing. Town itself has most things for everyday living and family life, with leisure activities, schools, children's activities etc. Close to countryside for walks, cycling, general quality of life. Near (15-30 mins by train) to bigger towns/cities for more shopping, culture, days out etc.

I don't like living too near big towns or cities, I feel hemmed in and hate the crowds. However, too rural and you find there's nothing actually on your doorstep - I have friends in lovely rural villages or hamlets who spend their whole lives driving themselves and their children to nearby towns for everything.

TheBlonde · 05/09/2007 11:22

Have you been to rural Norfolk?

Norwich is a city but feels more like a town compared to London

3madboys · 05/09/2007 11:37

i live in norwich and i think its a great area for raising children

in norwich you are close to the town centre but the countryside etc is just a short drive away, best of both worlds, i lived in the countryside before uni, a small villagei n lincolnshire and i hated it, it would be very isolating i think with a small baby.

i think norfolk has a good balance of both and i often take the boys on the train to london for the day so we can visit the museums and galleries etc, we can also go to the beach etc very easily, like i say i think its great for kids

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