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Landlord's responsibilities - what exactly are they?

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Theclosetpagan · 03/09/2007 15:15

Any landlords out there in MN land.

Basic info is that we rent privately a two and a half bedroom house (as described by agent when we viewed). House was built in the 1920s so oldish but had been decorated and there was new carpet down when we moved in 3 years ago. We pay 575 a month for it which is usualish by South West standards

Current probs are:
The kitchen is damp and the cupboards are falling apart - all well passed their sell by date when we moved in and draws etc collapse if cutlery is put in them.
The paint in the kitchen has been peeling off in chunks ever since we moved in - our landlord had the kitchen painted but basically the painter didn't used the right paint/didn't put any sealant over the plaster hence the peeling - it now looks dreadful and I feel utterly depressed every time I go in there because it looks so bad.

The oil tank is leaking (corroded) and am annoyed(with myself for not noticing) about this as it has obviously been doing so for a while - I thought the oil ran out pretty quickly last year.

My landlord is a nice man but spends absolutely no money on this property apart from having the Rayburn serviced once a year.He has planning permission for a house in the back garden (which is big by new house standards) and I think he views the property as a form of income (from rent) and a nest egg for retirement.

Is it reasonable of me to ask him to do something about the paint in the kitchen. I am actually quite happy to buy the paint (at least I know the correct stuff will be going onto the walls that way) but really do not want the actual job of painting it - I am no decorator.

Am actually looking at all options including moving as I am certain the damp in the kitchen is making my asthma worse - all the cupboards near the sink smell musty and damp - all the back parts are buckled (as they were when we moved in so problem is not new). I suspect that if you took the cupbards off you'd find mould growing.

Have left a message for our landlord to tell him about the oil tank but am thinking of broaching the kitchen with him too.

Is it all his responsibility though or should we be doing the painting?

OP posts:

Mistymoo · 03/09/2007 15:20

I'm a landlord and I would do these things. I'm not sure about the legalities but I would want my house to be in the best possible condition and would not want someone to live in a place I would not like to live in. But then again I'm a nice person and am not sure if I make a good landlord as I just like to please people.


Tortington · 03/09/2007 15:24



you can also ring them

they are most helpful.

dont be screwed over - you pay your rent you are entitled to a decent standard of living


Theclosetpagan · 03/09/2007 22:03

Thanks for the advice and the link misty and custardo.

Spoke to landlord tonight.

He is going to replace oil tank and will pay someone to come in and repaint the kitchen. I am buying the paint so I can choose colour and make sure the right stuff is used.

Feeling more positive now.

OP posts:

Tortington · 03/09/2007 23:34

result !

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