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converting double garage into flat to rent out - anyone done this?

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MissChief · 28/08/2007 12:20

any ideas how much it would cost? It's a bog standard double, with loft space which could also be used. would like to use it to help earn some money to pay towards our huge mortgage. any tips? TIA!

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BettySpaghetti · 28/08/2007 14:29

There was a recent article in The Times about garage conversions that may be of interest to you?


BettySpaghetti · 28/08/2007 14:32

....and another one with details of a specialist garage conversion company

Hope the links are of some help


MissChief · 28/08/2007 14:58

thanks both, will check those out. Have you done this yourselves, at all?

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