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Garden room/ conservatory experience?

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UnquietDad · 28/08/2007 00:22

My mother's house has a "garden room" style conservatory a bit like this one. One of the triangular roof panels seems to be shifting away from the wooden frame, so that a thin wedge of daylight is showing through - about half a centimetre at its widest, easily enough to let rain in.

I got up on a stepladder to take a look, thinking I could shift the thing back into place, but it's impossible - won't budge an inch. It's made up of several layers of thick plastic. Maybe some sort of sealant would do the job, but is there anything thick enough so that it won't just drip right through?

Anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions?

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UnquietDad · 28/08/2007 15:35

Hopeful bump?

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JillJ72 · 29/08/2007 08:01

Can you go back to the company who installed the garden room? I think there are ways of sealing the gap/join, our neighbour had this done. Good luck!


UnquietDad · 29/08/2007 09:39

I think my mum contacted the company but they're quite a way away and they'd charge a fee for callout plus fixing the problem. I think she hoped to get it done more cheaply!

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Kathyis6incheshigh · 29/08/2007 09:40

My dh would use good old gaffer tape! But I'm sure there are better ways....


LIZS · 29/08/2007 13:02

Is it under guarantee ? If so shodulntlt hey fix it for free - try Trading Standards perhaps ? If nto they may know of someone to recommend locally. Looks rather like what we would like on our kitchen.


UnquietDad · 29/08/2007 13:15

10-year guarantee. However, my parents, when they bought the house, should apparently have transferred this guarantee into their name within 30 days. And they didn't.

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LIZS · 29/08/2007 13:27

seems harsh. I'd call TS and see what they advise.

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