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Day Care Centre wanting to open two doors from my house. Potential problems?

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piglips · 27/08/2007 08:44

Hi we have a 3 bed house rental in NZ. Our house is down a long driveway from the road and also in a cul-de-sac.
A neighbour wants to open a day care centre 3 doors down from us. Would there be any + or - issues?

OP posts:

Katymac · 27/08/2007 08:58

Possible problems with....

Parking (bothe staff parking & parent parking)
May need addition deliveries
May need additional waste collections (possibly hazard ous waste ...nappies!!)
Depending how big, but possibly cooking smells/noise from air con or heating systems


KaySamuels · 27/08/2007 09:00

You mean for childcare? Will it be a big setting like a nursery or residential sized setting like a childminders?

I am a childminder and the only effect it has on my nighbours is they get all the kids stopping to say hello to them, they say they like to hear them playing out too. (I have asked them if the kids disturb them/make too much noise.)

Depending on how many people coming each day I think your main issues may be with traffic/parking in the cul de sac.



Katymac · 27/08/2007 09:07

Have to be honest I was assuming big (ish) as you said Daycare - but of course that could be different in NZ

I am probably imposing the problems I am having on to you


piglips · 27/08/2007 13:58

I think it will be a converted house. And yes it is for a children's day care centre.

Do you think there would any benefits ie property value rising, more desirable location for renting...


OP posts:

FuriousGeorge · 27/08/2007 18:45

One opened up in a residential area a few miles away from us & as part of the planning,the owners had to limit the number of children allowed outside to play,to 8 at any one time.This was purely to avoid noise problems with the neighbours.


fizzylemonade · 28/08/2007 09:32

My sister lives next to a childminder who also runs an after school club. The main issue is loads of cars pulling up outside the house and the noise from the children playing outside.

My own 2 make enough noise in the garden so times that by how many they will have, plus riding round in little trucks etc, the fights.

It is really noisy when I visit her, I wouldn't want to be sat outside listening to that day in day out. I suppose it also depends if you work so that you aren't there for most of the day.

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