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Stressed Already & It's Only Been On A Week!

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NappyChange · 22/08/2007 14:15

In comparison to some on this topic I really don't have anything to complain about. We have put in and have had our offer accepted on a house just a few doors away in our road - nice road, bigger house. Old man who lives there has agreed to take his house off the market for 2 weeks as Estate Agents told us our house would be snapped up almost immediately. A week on, one pathetic offer and a 3 viewings. In a week's time, Nice Old Man can put his house up on the market again and we could lose it! Are things slowing down? Is August a slow month? Reckon the terrible weather is putting people off buying houses? Don't really expect an answer to my prayers but it is going round and round in my head and if I don't get it off my chest I'll implode!

OP posts:

chocolatemummy · 22/08/2007 14:25

estate agents always say it will be snatched up and yes market is slowing down as economy is so unstable at the moment, if its meant to be it will come through for you, dont stress because you will look desperate when showing people around and they will either think there is something wrong with the place or will offer crap money thinking you are desperate


LIZS · 22/08/2007 16:38

August is always slow. It is unusual for a property to be taken off the market if the buyer is not proceedable.


margosbeenplayingwithmynoonoo · 22/08/2007 16:44

1st time around - we had our house on the market for a year.

2nd (nearly 2 years later)- 4 days and completed the whole txn within 8 weeks.


crokky · 22/08/2007 16:56

NC: Don't allow yourself to be walked all over. We were in a similar situation a couple of years ago and had to accept a really crap offer on our lovely 2 bed terrace. The buyers didn't think "yay I've got a bargain", they just treat you like a bottomless money pit - ours asked us to do 2 pieces of work to the house prior to exchange at our cost or they said they would pull out. They tried to get the price further reduced as well. We did not go through with the transaction in the end. Moral is don't let people take the piss out of you.

Nobody is doing you a favour buying your house, they'll buy it because they want it. If they want it, they ought to be prepared to pay a few more thousand, a bit closer to the asking price. If estate agent comes back with another low offer, just say "although we want the house we have offered on, we are not prepared to let this house go for such an undervalue"


heifer · 22/08/2007 17:02

I think you are really lucky that the old man took his off the market for 2 weeks...

I wouldn't have accepted an offer from someone who hadn't already accepted on their house...

We took 1 month to sell and had on average 2 viewings a week. I also thought it would get snapped up really quickly and remember worrying that it had.. now on hindsight I realise that selling in 1 month is really good..

Hang in there, I am sure you will sell quick enough and if in the mean time the old man does put it back on the market, you may still be able to buy it once you have sold yours, and if not, then it wasn't to be (that is what I am telling myself about houses we are seeing at the moment, but as we are moving away from home DH has to find a job before we can make an offer)...


noddyholder · 22/08/2007 17:06

If the offer wasn't ridiculous i would accept it if you love the other house.Could the agent not bargain a bit with them and get them to increase.We have just sold and are going to buy next year but we have been offered several houses reduced so things are slowing a bit.August is holiday month though and once schools go back all the people who want to move by xmas will be out in force so you may get a buyer easier then


NappyChange · 23/08/2007 14:24

Yes, we are very lucky Nice Old Man took the house we want to buy off the market for two weeks. Most unusual. Bad news today - house next door has gone up for sale - identical house, same price. After reading your messages and also, thinking straight if it is meant to be, the house will sell and not for silly money. Also agree that one could sound a bit desparate when showing people around. Estate Agents are doing this for the next couple of days anyway as we are out and about.

OP posts:

Dottydot · 23/08/2007 14:28

I better hadn't depress you with my 'my house hasn't sold for the last 8 months and I think it's reasonably priced' story then...

Sigh. It's a bugger - you just never know. We've had about 20 viewings, have dropped the price once, the house needs bits doing to it but it's just not shifting. All the agents who came to value it all valued it the same and all said it would sell quickly.

I'll go now...


Fimbo · 23/08/2007 14:36

We put our house on the market in February, got an offer within 2 weeks but the people couldn't proceed as they hadn't sold theirs. Finally had a stroke of luck and accepted an offer from someone who had sold their house to a cash buyer. We eventually exchanged in June. The house we wanted fell through and we are now living in rented. We have just exchanged on a new build and are supposed to be moving in October after being told September originally.

My friend put her house on at the same time as me and despite being on with 2 agents it still hasn't sold. When I look back now we were very very lucky.

Good luck, I know just how stressful it can be. You will get people who are just round for a nosy (we had a lot of this).

Whats for you will not go past you and all that malarky.


motherbird · 24/08/2007 12:40

Does anyone live in or around the Dorking area? Thinking of moving there and would love to hear from anyone in the know!


motherbird · 24/08/2007 12:41

SORRY - wrong thread - !!! I do apologise.


LittleMinx · 26/08/2007 19:26

August is one of the slowest months of the year for estate agency due to school holidays and people being away, so dont panic. Having said that, we had been totally manic this month so who knows!!

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